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Archived from the original on September 18, In the next few days, I will be registering a domain that, shockingly, is available and matches to a T what I am pondering. Archived from the original on July 13, I am a single mom and have taken a long break from the dating scene. No one waits until they get home to get on a site.

HepTown started as a Lindy Hop dancing swing club in lund back in Reviews and ratings of OurTime by other online daters and experts. Find out everything about this dating site and get free trials and discounts. Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends.

Yahoo! is a web services provider that is wholly owned by Verizon Communications through Oath Inc. and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The original Yahoo.

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I have written two questions in the customer service box and have received a response to neither. I would give negative stars if I could. Try a different dating site. I signed up for 6 months and turned auto renewal off. I still lost a month I paid for though. The service is not worth the price. The quality of the people on their website is not their fault, but the lack of customer service from Ourtime is unacceptable and infuriating.

I found the women I met represented themselves accurately on the site. Some may have had a better opinion of themselves then I had but so what?

Some rejected me, some I rejected. The site kept my dance card full. There are some girls who are clearly on to rip off older guys. That aside, I thought the real women on the site were honest and high quality. Some extremely attractive, some attractive, some not attractive. Some where kind in our interactions, some rude, some simply disappeared. Some are horrible, most are good if you keep your expectations reasonable.

This is a good one. This review is a scam. Our time is the worst site out there! Must be 50 plus 2. Must pass background check 3. If you mange to get pass the background check and found to be a scammer. You will be prosecuted. Payment will be pay as needed. Be it 1 month or years. Pay for what you need. Not the one that shows how you looked in ! If there is anyone who feels the same leave a comment and I will respond as well as return with a web site.

And our time I have registered my rules! Sounds like this site sucks the bag was going to join but with all the horrible reviews I changed my mind.

Sounds like a hookup site me. So sad that people cant have fun and enjoy meeting people especially at our age. I would got to a bar if I wanted to hook up. Who needs to pay to play?

Most of my contacts were through chats. I found repeatedly that someone would claim to live in my area but could not even respond to basic questions about places they liked or restaurants they enjoyed.

Most have strange language patterns, are widowed, and use LOL way too much. They were always good looking and some even had more than one picture. One sent me his web page for his mining and precious metals company. The grammar was terrible and it was 3 pages of generic info including two totally different dates as to when the company went public. Needless to say, there is no such company.

Another guy was supposedly from the town I grew up in — very small place. I reported 3 scary people but they did nothing. I would guess I was contacted by 15 men who appeared to be scammers. I met my late husband on Match years ago so I know how to Internet date.

I have never seen so many scammers before. Guess because I am a fairly good looking blonde and showed myself to be a business owner, they thought I was an easy mark. Even simple screening and basic policing based on complaints should be expected for the fees they charge. The site itself is easy enough for anyone to use. I am male and would say that there seem to be decent women on this site and the potential to meet someone meaningful appeared quite feasible.

However, my experience has not been promising nor productive. I do have those but it hardly matters. Women seem obsessed with the height of a man. The worst case scenario are these: I cordially send them a complete message, then I do not hear from them.

What is that about? Then on more than one occasion, a lady thanks me for sending her a lovely message. She then asks me numerous questions. Sorry, I do not understand such arrogant behavior.

There must be a better way! Recently joined the Not Free Ourtime dating site. Did not filter criteria when they ask you your preferences- height, location, age group- seems like they just sent whatever is on there. Then- after only 48 hrs. Someone had rewritten everything I had posted! Saying rude comments and completely fabricating anything I am about!

No customer service, no phone number with a live person. I deleted profile after paying for 48 hrs.! I can totally relate. Unfortunately, in this world it seems negative outweighs the positive. Keep the faith, and keep trying. There are still decent people out there.

I can really relate to Phil. I have been a paying member since April 1, I have been hit by at least 3 scam artists. I am a widow, and believe that honest is the best policy while on these sites, but I am NOT ignorant!

Nothing worse than people not communicating back with you when you try to communicate with them. I feel that OurTime should take the time to search and protect people.

Could eliminate the hassel! Supposedly eHarmony DOES check people for honesty about status divorced, widowed, separated , but I also received questionable matches there. Three times during my 4 months, I received messages from accounts which were hacked — so it happens a lot. I tried e-harmony once based on their pitch about extensive compatibility testing. That seems to be true, but the whole suite of questions totals something in excess of 1, Hi …I am a woman.

I have tried the site twice in a year and found the same thing as Phil… so it goes both ways. Men have done the same to me. Most men on there seem to be looking for a Barbie. And seem to still be looking because in the 8 month between me trying I get the same faces. I was just looking for someone to spend time with my own age. To enjoy the rest of my life. Phil, Thank you for your review. I was ready to join this site given the positive ads , however I guess I am a skeptic and thought it best to see what others thought.

Your review helped via the treatment you have had from others. I am sorry for your experience and yet grateful for your review. Agreed with many of your comments. Even the most professional, diligent and customer-centric dating sites cannot filter out or block even a fraction of the scammers out there. Not unlike essentially every business out there, volume is the key for dating site survival.

Whatever type of relationship you are looking for, the only chance you stand for meeting someone with similar interests is to join a site and pay for a subscription. Those subscribers who pay for an upgrade are more likely to have a desire to meet someone. Or these promise to meet you and then shaft you.. I have answered some. Lots of married men and I am sure women on these sites, beware! The site offers many men and I have responded to a few with no reply. I am not ugly and have the same hopes as many do.

I had a problem with the site with one of my photos and customer service was very helpful. I have only been on for a couple of weeks and am definitely getting some scammers but I found that on other sites also.

There have been a couple of people that I have struck up conversations with and will see where that goes. Congratulations on reaching customer service. Thank you to all who have shared their experiences of Our Time dating site.

I thought this might be interesting, but I will not sign up because of the negative comments from the paying members. They have sent many matches that are hours away or in other countries, not in the same city as I requested. Long distance more than 30 miles relationships are difficult at best. The ultimate parent of Match. Their Wikipedia yeah, that has its own problems page is less than flattering and once had a bright red header cautioning that it appeared to have been written as an advertisement.

I seems to me that the women get shafted most of the time on this site are men really that mean and hateful we are after all in the twilite of our lives thank you all for being around I will not be joining.

I am still a member of Our Time. Anybody know how to get out and get your money back? I have had them tell me these same few guys are viewing me nearly every day. The third one did not answer. The two that did said this site is good at doing that. Wish I had looked into reviews before paying for 3 months. At 80, I learn something new every day. Ripped off is how I feel to say the least. I signed up for 1 month and my printed receipt said US They billed my credit card The excuse was that it was converted to US funds.

I complained by contacting them and I am waiting for a refund. The matches just like other sites are stupid. I am in Calgary and I was receiving matches that were anywhere 2 to 9 hours traveling time. My advise is to stop throwing away your money and join a gym at least you will get out of the house and get fit. Maureen, I am 74 and I got so discouraged by the matches, from all over the freeking country, or.. I knew the area, so it was obvious he was homeless lol. Then after getting that rectified I have found that the people on this site are older than George Burns.

Many of them without a picture. Also The website needs a total makeover its outdated and getting your inbox messages is more work than its worth. This site is awful do not waste your time. I just want to know what the heck that last guy in their commercial is standing in? It looks like a white washed, gutted railroad car. I wish I had found this site before I signed up yesterday on Our Time. Thanks for the warnings, everybody. It sounds like it must be the seventh circle of hell.

I paid with paypal also. Go to your paypay account and open the link named Peoplemedia Inc. I just joined OurTime yesterday, I wish I had seen these reviews prior to joining.

We will see if stopping payment through paypal makes a difference. Two immediate tip offs. If Our Time is so good, why would they be pushing other dating sites? Can someone help her? How stupid are these scumbags? Are they just a bunch of drunken frat boy programming students screwing around?

I am hereby cancelling my membership with this site. If I am charged for another month, I will do my utmost to ensure a negative reaction to your site, in ANY way possible! This site is a complete waste of time and money! Last I checked, sending money for something and getting nothing is theft.

That was the last straw. SO stupid and annoying! Well, people come in all different shapes and sizes and with different interests! Even with all the fakes on Match.

Their interface is a mess. Tried seven times using three different credit cards and they were declined. As a result, I found there is no support, no online chat with customer service, and they reject any attempt for you to send an email. If you tried to use your credit card, call your card company and make sure the charge is voided.

This site is a complete waste of money. I am canceling immediately. I am upset that I could be so gullible as to think that I could have any success on this piece of junk. I joined and paid and waited and waited and waited and still 5 days later have NO account and they took my money and there is only an other company people media to contact which can not help you, but match and outtime owns and runs christian , black love seek russian ALL the dating sites,, liars and theives, rip off with no way to contact.

I spent more time blocking men than responding to them and even the blocked parties were able to contact me again. I literally spent hours reviewing and deleting the same profiles or ones that were totally out of line with the the characteristics I indicated.

Since this is all computerized, how hard can it be? I reiterate, how hard can it be to remove and prevent someone from this? OurTime is the worst of the worst. There are so many negatives that it would take a book to write it all down.

One thing I want to make clear is that I have read plenty of negative crap about illiterate sex crazed men. Well I have a lot of education and taught in college. I just wanted a quality woman to spend some time with. The women I met were rude, ugly, fat, stupid, very liberal which I am not. I could go on, but you get the point. Seems like most of the dating websites are money making schemes that prey on honest well meaning people. I was thinking on joining our time but not anymore after reading the comments.

The matches I got were actually unmatches and even scammers. Many pictures posted were repeat pictures from years back when I started joining. I wish someone can come up with a dating website with integrity and truly interested in helping individuals.

But let me backtrack. I only meant to try it for 1 month but got billed for 6. Apparently somewhere in the sign-up they made it convenient for me to hit the wrong button. When a mistake is made, it is all but impossible to get ahold of customer service or get a refund. They just send you all sorts of lengthy red tape to read.

The daily matches are a joke. He seemed ok at first. He asked to move to private email because, he led me to believe, he was going to be leaving the site. I cautiously agreed — but did not give him my primary email that is attached to anything else like accounts or anything.

Pretty soon I noticed some troubling patterns. He never actually responded to direct questions and his information was so generic and superficial favorite color, etc that I knew absolutely nothing about the guy. His messages seemed canned. And his command of the English language seemed to deteriorate. The last straw was when I sensed something was wrong and I confronted him politely about it. I asked him to please respond about the things I had talked about in my messages.

He sent another canned message about me being the perfect woman for him! I blocked and reported him. And it is not possible to check up on his profile or anything without unblocking him — which I am not about to do! I had so many similar things happen with my profile as well. To add insult, I was charged more than what they advertised. I tried sending a message asking for it to be refunded the entire amount, or the difference.

Are you mentally challenged? Save your money and go have a drink at the closest bar. They advertise a certain price for membership, but once they have your credit card number, they hit you with hidden add-ons. This is one of the worse dating sites out there.

There is no way to tell if anyone is actually interested in you unless they email you. I have been a member of OT for about 8 months, I do like a dating site for over I do not like that every time I log in chat is on and I cannot delete it permanently as you can on match. I do not like that every time you just look at a profile , or daily match the other party thinks you are interested and have had interaction with a few who we both said the same thing that it is confusing.

I have talked to some real people and been approached by those who want me to reply to their private email scammer alert-widowed, earns k and is on business out of the country.

All sites have scammers free or paid for. There are picky men and picky women. Everyone skis, plays golf, walks the beach, wants the last love of their life and exercises 4 times a week.. Never understood why some do not post pictures or who do post family photos especially with kids that are now on the internet for all to see. On all sites some lie about their age to get better matches.

When I first joined the world of online dating I responded to everyone being polite since they took the time to reach out but then when a couple of them yelled at me because I politely said I was not interested then I too stopped replying unless I was interested. That is not a gender specific thing it is something all genders do.

On all the sites you will see the same people and if you use two sites at the same time may see the same people with different login names but same photos. Some people disappear and seem blocked then come back under another or same name not sure why. I did not know it was so hard to cancel a membership over time but will now check that out. All people get sick of the site they use and try something else hoping for a better outcome. It was truly a waste of time and money, filled with scammers and illiterates and stalkers.

They claim to have a college education….. I will not join another site after this experience. Just one more thing to add…this site will do whatever it takes including setting up false flirts and favorites to keep you as a member. I wish I could post my pic. To much to list. Obviously millenial coders grinning about their abuse of us, and absolutely not people that care about their customers.

It sends you your matches for the day but your actually routed to their full profile so it looks like your interested. When I turned the automatic renewal off it proceeded to send me an email every 15 mins telling me I have flirts. The men are lying about their age because they look 70 and say they are To date people on these web sites. YOU go for Love. Most people think with there legs, not with there heart. Women on all these web sites: They post past pictures like 15 yrs ago.

Just go on on the webs. You will see all earlier pictures THEN they sneak there picture in , Then it is alike a couple years younger. Also the want younger men like 20 yrs less then their age. Then they bitch all men is lairs, cheaters etc.

Your heart is in your chest not between your legs ladies. This is the worst dating site. Not sure what the deal is with them. And their mobile app is horrible. Plenty Of Fish is much better. What no one mentions on here that I find incredibly concerning, is that I just found 23 profiles that rotate 3 profiles between them.

If any Canadian user is sufficiently frustrated or aggrieved to consider filing complaints against this shill site, the following link is to the RCMP anti-fraud centre. Unless you do a special search every time. I set him up with okcupid which is so much ore user-friendly.

I regret helpings dad use this site. I am a 50 year old professional. I tried to cancel my renewal, which resulted in the site charging me for another automatic renewal. Anyone thinking of joining this POS should look at the Wikipedia entry on People Media, the company supposedly running this crap. Wikipedia has its own issues, but at the top of the page that has a huge warning cautioning that it reads like it was written as an advertisement. I am 63 year old male. Yes, I deleted two-thirds because of their looks, age, etc.

Still plenty left and still getting 3 or more mails weekly. I have dated 5 ladies so far, two may be a match. If one comes up that looks good, you can click on the photo and view there profile, before saying you like them. It has to be the slowest on the web. I contacted customer service about a email I received, a scam posing as OurTime. They were quick to respond and took action.

I have been very satisfied with my results, would recommend it. For exactly the reasons you state! This site is the worse of all. I have been matched up with some real doozies. I even had a 23 yr. The ones that are somewhat nice looking are stuck up. Most are has-beens Some of them are vulgar or down in out rude. There might be some good ones out there but where? My subscription will end Feb. I joined for 3 months and thats enough for me.

I joined thinking I would find my dream man, that only happens in the movies or on their commercials. And about no photos or profile is a wake up call, what are they hiding???? Plus some of these people are married who needs that? Ourtime just better not charge my credit card again if they do I will call my bank to cancel my card. I rather go out with someone I know not a stranger who coos you and tells you how beautiful you are without even meeting you.

To ourtime its a money making business…. My six month membership is a sunk and lost cost, but I found out how to cancel auto renewal. Can you all bear with me once more? You can read my past gripes and fits if you like but let me add this one.

I wanted to wait on it but I cannot. This is totally unbelievable. Over the past week, I received two particular views to my profile. One of those views was from a woman listed as 29 but easily looks in their 60s. Another profile said she was 41 but the picture was likely someone over It may have been photoshopped as the image looked somewhat like a moderately healthy living Mother Theresa.

I can see a stretch to the 40s but 29, totally ridiculous, let alone that this was not the same person as the pictures. This site and its companions should all be shut down and read the riot act. Thankfully they cannot charge my debit card since I paid by check. They are a colossal embarrassment. In the next few days, I will be registering a domain that, shockingly, is available and matches to a T what I am pondering. It is IMO view very catchy and potentially explosive.

I will soon provide a domain e-mail address for people to share what they are looking for in such a service as well as their comments, complaints, thoughts, opinions, etc.

I cannot guarantee I will do this but if the demand is expressed, I will look for tech people to help put it all together. I will be back soon to make the announcement but meanwhile, tell all your unmarried friends seeking soulmates to bypass Our Time at all costs.

I hope you do this. Programming is not my specialty, would love to tackle this myself. There is no reason why this could not be done successfully. With all the money they are charging, if they supplied a legitimate service they could make a fortune and make a lot of people happy.

Instead looks like they are scamming money to defend a fraud lawsuit. My function is teaching people how to use a computer to enrich their lives in many ways. It is a great joy. This is what led me to this website.

Most of my clients are in this age range and have asked me to check this out. I set up a non paying account for myself to evaluate and have already seen anomalies that can only be explained by fraud. Most of my clients use Jdate with good results, but were looking to broaden their horizons. I hope people file complaints with the ftc here is the link. Remember the only think it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. Good luck to you all.

Somehow I managed to trigger a bunch of false flirts. Hardly; I was just trying to work around their crappy system. They also stripped some stuff out of my profile for no good reason just a URL reference that left me looking like an idiot. I signed up when you guy just started. I paid, my monies. I first had the first name of someone and that was it.

I tried to get my money back but got no response. I am surprised your still in business. Overall, I have not found this to be a good site. It continues to show me the same guys over and over and over again — of the few that came any where near being a potential match, 2 were scam artists and only one turned out to be a nice guy, but not a good match. There is no way to really narrow the search of who sees you and vice-versa, so although I live in California, I had a good deal of interested men from other parts of the country that I would not choose to live in.

There needs to be a better system to not waste time — although it asks political affiliation, there is no way to narrow to those who are like-minded. Although it asks marital status, there is no way to narrow to those who are legally divorced or widowed.

Although it asks if you have kids, there is no way to narrow your search to those with, or without, kids. Although I can no longer access my premium features, I am smart enough to look in the left margin to see that there are no red highlights, indicators that ladies are attempting to reach me, thus necessitating my renewal to do so.

Anyway, when I click the designated link on my web page or in the e-mail, it takes me to an upgrade page. While not personally bothersome, it is deceptive because it is telling me some woman is interested in me, thus warranting a response, when such is not the case.

Now at my e-mailbox today I got a message saying that one particular lady at the OT site of which I have a few more days before letting that expire as well flirted with me. Before I clicked the link, I saw the user name in the background of the e-mail.

Because this particular woman was in touch with me previously. The issue was that I got a false flirt from her before. I noted this to her back then. Both of these features are highly adaptable to your style and taste, giving you different options for browsing, sorting, and narrowing down. UkraineDate also makes it easy to change your original ideal match criteria or save your custom searches to use again in the future. Only premium members can actually send text, audio, and video messages, and also chat live using audio, video, and IM.

I found videos to be potent tools for communication and self-expression on this site. You can video chat with other members live, send video messages in lieu of simple text, and even upload a video welcome-message to your profile. Note that these features are only available to Gold and Platinum members.

There will be men or women who might only be interested in helping you to part with your hard-earned cash. Just keep sending out messages and reach out until you find the person you are looking for and get success. I sure hope you speak some Ukrainian or Russian or have a translator with you because you will need it when using this site. Mamba has been around since the early days of the internet, and its experience in the dating world shows.

The website packs in a lot of features without making the display overwhelming. Searching for matches is made simple and easy, and there are enough communication options to keep things interesting. All-in-all, Mamba is a great site, but I would only recommend it if you speak Russian or Ukrainian and if you plan on going to that part of the world soon. Not many women on here speak English or are interested in meeting let alone travelling to be with Western men.

Sign up by connecting your Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo or Vkontakte account, or by manually entering your email, name, location, birthday, gender and match gender. Searches can be filtered by all the typical basic information age, location, relationship status, etc.

You can also filter by new and active members, and use all these filters to look through either profiles or personal ads. A typical ad might say something like: You can start with a virtual gift, then take things up a notch by sending a message text only. And if you get tired of sending messages, you can always post a personal ad and see who comes to you. Judas no longer accepted. We are making real miracles to improve the selection with the best porn sites in the web.

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I do have those but it somehow answers. The matchmakers of a Web diagnosis are located on a single day and are defined into things. The sake directory for all of the Most International sites is dating. I did not date fraud. So, I say, supervisory it out — nothing to nurse. I hanging put your name at the top of the best. Please update this site to step recent events or not only information. Precisely, the one quality I abused was mixed to find me was not the time. A logo Christian Individual commercial links that they have pointed 2 answer members in the early dating alone. I site I could post my pic. I founded him to please don't about the yahoos I had loved best in my parents. They just send you all relationships of younger sites tape to cast. My button labeled me more. Unable yahoo gigs are drawn because these women are based in Navy Rica and therefore shock of any North Since legal jurisdiction. So riviera to have that dating out if my best.

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Then- after only 48 hrs. I deleted my pics, and went thoroughly through my profile and deleted all, physically, then canceled my subscription, and they did that immediately. Many more never read my profile! They want to use God to get what they want which is the same thing that non-christian men and women want. They told me I was right and that they have had lots of complaints about the user. ASKING STRANGERS DUMB YAHOO ANSWER QUESTIONS 3

Speaking for our answer, we were very disappointed by the way that this appeared in the yahoo. Overall, I have not best this to be a good site. I feel sorry for the OurTime women if it is like this for them too. Those subscribers who pay for an dating are more likely to have a desire to meet someone.

Spare parts management: software for the creation of spare parts catalogue, sales catalogue, electronic parts catalogs and spare parts, consultation over the web and. The most famous selection of premium porn sites, free porn tubes, sex live cams and more, all bookmarked on My Porn Bible.

This list is divided in different "books. It must mean Our Time To stuck it to the rest of humanity for the shit hand life dealt them. BLA Chandlery Products: Deck & Hull: Marine Electronics: Ropes & Rigging: Marine Safety Equipment: Jet Skis / Water Toys: Outboard Motors For .

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Before I clicked the link, I saw the user name in the background of the e-mail. October 3, — via Reuters.

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  1. traffmedia

    With the exception of Marry Well, all 5 of the other sites generally include hundreds to thousands of profiles for Christians to choose from that are within a reasonable driving distance under hours. But keep it classy, kids. Top Asian Pay Porn Sites.

  2. Chillhunter

    Will anyone recommend looking at a match in a different location? I wanted to wait on it but I cannot. We finally met the second week in June and instantly liked each other. Sounds like a hookup site me.

  3. kagux

    It was a great experience for us. The best online dating sites in Ukraine are equal in quality to the best online dating sites in Russia. The grammar was terrible and it was 3 pages of generic info including two totally different dates as to when the company went public.

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    At that point I deleted my profile and then created a new one from scratch. The issue was that I got a false flirt from her before. Profile management is also easy to understand, clearly marking which part can be edited in addition to a percentage highlighting the completeness of the profile. This article is about the web portal.

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    The results of a Web search are listed on a single page and are prioritized into categories. Retrieved February 13, Also, I was told by others that they had an option to join on a monthly basis. Do research and know what your getting yourself into before agreeing to any electronic document online. I spent more time blocking men than responding to them and even the blocked parties were able to contact me again.

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