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MG Runs On Dunkin' Donuts: Pistachio Coffee & All Day Breakfast Contacting Dunkin Donuts Headquarters. Dunkin Donuts is a fast foods restaurant / bakery. The company started out as solely a donut company, but . Dunkin Donuts was founded in by William Rosenberg. The first location was in Quincy, Massachusetts. In , the first franchise opened in Worcester. In For Spring, Dunkin’ Donuts has a brand new Pistachio flavored coffee available hot or cold. I ordered the Pistachio flavored coffee (hot) and it is so good that I. Contacting Dunkin Donuts Headquarters. Dunkin Donuts is a fast foods restaurant / bakery. The company started out as solely a donut company, but . Dunkin Donuts was founded in by William Rosenberg. The first location was in Quincy, Massachusetts. In , the first franchise opened in Worcester. In

donuts and coffee dating


Dunkin Donuts Corporate Office

No Dunkin Donuts for him? There are several stores in the vicinity and I go there now because I will not patronize a store such as this.

We ask why not give them to homeless shelters?! Hold the cream and sugar — Dunkin’ Donuts is brewing something a little stronger than coffee for the darkest day of the year. In partnership with Wormtown Brewery. Dunkin’ Donuts has removed all artificial dyes from their doughnuts and plans to remove all artificial dyes from the menu by the end of The manager has no control over the store or the rude disgusting employees that work at this location.

Dunkin’ Donuts has removed all artificial dyes from their doughnuts and plans to remove all artificial dyes from the menu by the end of Woman who worked at Christian university fired for 'living in sin with boyfriend and sharing coffee and donuts with a married colleague in his car'.

Dunkin' Donuts Beer Debuts on the Darkest Day of the Year

I, having no emotional connection with Dunkin, went to the store to defuse the situation when the Manager verbally attacked me.

I called the police and will be pursuing this to the fullest. All 3 need to lose their jobs. This is absolutely no way to treat employees nor customers.

I could go on and on with examples of poor management but I will leave those comments for direct communication with Corporate Senior Management. I will NOT tolerate disrespect.

I sent that before I was done. We dont come to this location for a reason! All the yelling and screaming Ebonics through out the restaurant like a bunch of wild animals makes me feel small and Uncomfortable! I will never come back to this location! Tim has green tea but not as good as your green tea.

Please bring it back. No such thing as a free coffee during free coffee day at the Denver, PA store. Apparently you have to tell them you want it according to the manager.

Must have had way too many complaints because a coworker was automatically given hers about 30 mintutes later at drive through. The smoothie was so good and healthier than a donut. Sorry that you have disappointed me again.

We are diabetics and on our way to work and too late to turn back.. You need to get responsible people in that store. I am not the only one that complains about that Dunkin.. Thank you… Karen Cote. I have worked for dunkin donuts and exact year as of August 12th, and I recently got fired without clarify as to why that act had to be taken as such as of August 21st, I have been trying to reach out to corporate management and headquarters I even emailed and have yet to get a response back I need something to come back to me as soon as possible.

Just left dunkin donuts here in chicago south east side. The Young lady at the register told me i must pay first, so i did. Then she went to the next person and so on. I asked her to refund my money. Had only a few dollars on me to treat my grand kids to donuts. This kind of treatment must stop. Such a disappointment for my grand kids,who was looking forward to this treat before going to the playground. Just came home from uniontown pa dunkin donuts. They never have very many donuts after 4 in the after.

I called Tuesday night to make sure they would have enough glazed donuts for our senior center bus trip. So after being lied too twice from this dunkin donut im a little peeved. While I was there I asked about military discount and was told active duty got 50 and all others got I consider that a slap in the face when ur loved one has served 23 years and retired. Why are the vets not as important to dunkin donuts as the active? At least krispy Kreme dosent discrimate between the two.

Just so u know we will NOT be eating dunkin donuts at this home again. We were being nice to the seniors since we have to leave so early in the morning and dunkin donuts were scrooges.

I need to have two rewards printed and can no longer do it from your website. I am not going to stay on the line for over 30 minutes no matter what time i call. You need improve your customer service.

You should have fired the employee that refused them service, he was making the policy for you company at that point since you wish to sidestep the issue!!!!

I waited 17 minutes for an order of Hash Browns that take 90 seconds to make. Confirmed by a different store Dunkin Donuts Supervisor. Long story short, I did the DD Survey and was ignored as well. My video started to go Viral and is now Over 19, views.

I told the Owner I would do another video to see if the service got better after a few weeks. It is Not Rocket Science here!!! Refusing to serve NYPD offices is very disturbing and as a result I can no longer purchase your products.

Also, I will make sure that all my family and friends know about this incident today: The next day I called every store and was told that none of the stores had my card.

I emailed the customer service office and received little to no satisfaction. I was told to call back Monday to have my card deactivated. I was told the only way to recoup my money is via a dispute with my bank, which I have initiated. My big concern is that no one at DD is taking this seriously.

I want to know what DD is doing to investigate these thieves who work for you. How will I be compensated? Have you any idea what I have gone through because of your dishonest employees?

Employees do not get treated well and are under appreciated. I do not have management experience but I do believe managers should treat their employees with respect and not be biased. It is obvious that neither a tip pool or tip credits are utilized by this store, confirmed by the employees. According to Arizona state law, employees are allowed to receive and keep personal tips, which I give for service rendered.

Management interferes constantly by removing the tips, leaving me to personally tip the employee, which leaves them vulnerable to the whims of management. If your company has a policy against tipping, a sign should be posted in clear view of the customer in those states where the law allows company discretion. Since Arizona is not one of those states, you need to inform your management of the law allowing servers to keep their personal tips, and enforce this to avoid unwarranted disciplinary write-ups or firings.

The employees there are loud and get lots of orders wrong and the tables are always dirty and the Menu is the same O every day. Never nothing new and good. I wish they would put butter or margarine on the breads for the sandwiches so they not so dry.

I think new Menu with better sandwiches are needed and fresher donuts. I am tired of the same O every time I go. And the donuts there are always old and cold. Donkin buys donuts from someone and brings them early morning and let them sit there all day in open cases and they get dry, hard, cold and old. How about steak sandwiches with onions, and French fries, and Carved Turkey Cheese and Mayo, and Sandwiches with lettuce and tomato.

When I order a Chibata Sandwich with turkey slices and cheese I wish it had lettuce, tomato and mayo. Dunkin Donuts could sell more if better Menu and Donuts. To add more information. I was extremely happy to have a Dunkin Donuts customer service loyalty program person by the name of Diane. She helped cancel the account, refunded my balance and took care of all extraneous details. It was greatly appreciated and Diane should be rewarded for her efforts and doing such a wonderful job especially on the 4th of July.

Thank you for such prompt service. I live in Virginia and my Dunkin Donuts card has been hacked. It is currently being used in the Bronx, NY store My card was attached to a credit card for auto reload and has been reloaded 3 times since June 30th. I called the store and the person said there were only workers there and no managers. I asked him name sounded like Hax to call the manager and have them call me.

No way to contact a manager? If true, this is disgraceful. We have verified that the card was used in this store at West th Street in the Bronx. Is this the best customer service that you can provide? We have unattached the credit card but need to know what to do about the dunkin card- We are hesitant to delete it in case it is needed by the police. Shameful, shameful example of poor customer service. So, thank you for such a wonderful holiday experience.

I am a former employee of Dunkin Donuts and would like to inform everyone about my experience working there. Since I feel that nothing will be done to address the situation, I am choosing to leave my name and location anonymous with hopes that something may be done to prevent another incident such as mine from happening in the future.

While I was only employed there a short amount of time approximately 5 weeks, I encountered numerous cases of workplace harassment. The first case I would like to address: Upon my second week of employment, I was told by the manager that she was supposed to fire me a week ago because I was still making mistakes. While I was making simple mistakes, due to the overwhelming work load and lack of help during my shift, I still feel it was wrong for a manager to tell an employee that she should have been fired a week ago, two weeks after starting a new job.

I worked an early morning shift 6am am, and was told that only one person is assigned per station. I would always work the coffee station by the drive-thru. It requires a lot of attentiveness and quickness to begin with, and I was told that asking for help is not permitted.

Under these circumstances, small mistakes are bound to happen. Regardless of my mistakes, I made sure to go back and fix them. My mistakes would mostly consist of accidentally re-making a coffee I already made, due to being overwhelmed and not receiving any help.

Not only did her comment affect my feelings, it affected my work ethic. From the day that comment was made until the day I quit, I constantly stressed about my job potentially being at risk.

The second, and probably more sever, case of harassment I would like to address: Upon my last week of employment, the manager was on a 3-day weekend vacation. While she was gone, the shift leaders were put in charge. My second to last shift I worked, I was working with one of the shift leaders. This woman whose name I will also leave anonymous, harassed me in front of the entire store.

As I handed her a coffee, I noticed she grabbed the cup by the top of it, squeezing it, allowing for coffee to pour out everywhere. Instead of taking ownership for her mishandling of the cup, she instead turns around to me and screams at me, claiming that I am not putting the lids on correctly. Since she screamed at me in front of the entire store, I was so traumatized that it brought me to tears, and I had to run to the bathroom so that nobody would see me crying.

Within 2 minutes of being in the bathroom, this woman knocks on the door and screams at me, again, to get back to work. For any further information on this, please email me at turtonbrittany at yahoo. Upon getting back to work; however, the manager calls my cell phone, privately, to ask me what happened. She told me what the woman who reported me told her, and asked for my side of the story. So, upon being told 2 weeks into my employment that I was supposed to be fired, I was also told to ignore a situation of workplace harassment.

Might I add, again, I was harassed by a felon. This woman stole from a store she is still allowed employment at, as well as treats other employees poorly.

I am not the only employee who has had a complaint about her, but to told that there is nothing the manager can do to address the situation is very unprofessional and very unethical. I quit the day after that shift. My experience was poor, to say the least, and I am disgusted that managers are allowed to treat employees like this. If anyone from corporate headquarters wishes to get back to me regarding my complaint, I can be reached at turtonbrittany at yahoo. Wow what customer service.

I run a 10 million dollar retail business myself and understand the hard ache it can be but really though the muffin back at me. When they get to the grave they smell something horrible so they thought it was bird poop on the head stone so they clean it off and move on. Once they get in the vehicle they smelt it even worse then they smelt the tea and realized it was coming from the tea it had spoiled creamer in it. Dan Langlois sorry for your experience.

My clothes are a mess. Not one person asked me if I was alright. My cloth shoes are ruined. When I headed to the manager she finally said Oh are u alright!!! After The manger went on social media and said I was lying they gave me some paper towels, well That Never happened I asked for some. I recently in the last 2 months have been really disappointed in the Armistice Blvd. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.

They are all rude to their customers even the manager!! I was there the other day and order a hot sandwich and I bit into it and it was cold so I threw it out and waste my money!!

I called the manager of the Westchester location…and it took forever to get her on the phone and the girl who answered the phone was nasty to me as well. To whom it may concern i have been a customer for more than 22 years and my brother who introduced me to Dunking donuts, been a customer over 30 years.

We ask why not give them to homeless shelters?! I am sure it adds up to quite a lot in one day, but really not enough for customers to realize the difference!! Though this card is registered, I went to merge it with two older unused cards to combine the perks points.

The website maintains the said balance, as it should still be on there. I went to use that very card and there is no balance whatsoever. I called the umber on the card and there is apparently no balance according to them, either. I do not understand how I could go from one extreme to the next and lose out on the money quite literally overnight. I could have and still should have the money no matter what.

I was giving my usual order at the same Fairhaven location, and as I was about to finish,one of the female workers was dusting and she rudely interrupted by talking for me. I truly should have cussed her out. However, I managed to bite my tongue over it. This is not customer service! I am a mobile app user , a loyal customer and this is not the way to do business.

I had to cancel my credit card and have a new card reissued. This just adds to my frustration. I am so delighted to see that you brought your best selling breakfast sandwich back, the Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich!

There is simply nothing out there that compares to this sandwich so I was so dismayed when you stopped serving it. I recently learned that this is a seasonal sandwich. I have just one question. You should definitely consider adding it to the regular menu.

I go to this dunkin donuts in olsmar on tampa road in oldsmar fl. Due to the line being wrapped around the corner for drive-thru. An verbal altercation took place between me and another guest he said he has a gun will use it then another guess tells the manager andrea to call the police.

This is how Andrea and Dunkin Donuts in oldsmar treats its guest. Maybe I should have went to a place that gives free coffee to veterans on veterans day and this would have never took place. Thank you Andrea for making me feel like I do not matter to your Donkin Donuts by continually saying I made guess feel threatened when a man told me he had a gun an was not afraid to use it,.

When trying to receive the coffee I ordered in the way I ordered it, I was verbally assaulted and majorly disrespected by an employee and his Shift Leader. Fortunately, the new Operations Manager, as of a week ago, was present and he has promised me he will make sure it never happens again…. All of these insults took place in front of several other employees and many more customers. I will be reaching out to the owner of this franchise and to the corporate office of Dunkin Donuts as well.

I will NOT be spending my hard earned money at this location again until I reach some kind of resolution on this matter, if then even. Thought my friends would like to know who not to get your coffee from in this town in case you were wondering! There is no way a DD employee flipped you off and told you to go f k a duck. Must want something for free. The argument always starts the same way. I pull up to barely working speaker to order my one item.

I ask for in extra simple terms, very slowly and clearly a large coffee with 7 creams and 11 sugars. No matter how I answer they try to hand me an iced coffee anyway. I say I did not order an iced coffee and they get all kinds of rude and arrogant about it. Coffee and iced coffee are different drinks altogether and are separate on the menu. If I want iced coffee I will ask for iced coffee ok, please stop harrassing me ofer ice especially at 6 AM when i want my morning coffee HOT.

After they try to hand me an iced coffee and I refuse and ask for hot coffee and they get all mad, remember this. I ordered at the speaker and paid up front at window. I was charge for an iced coffee which is more expensive than hot coffee.

When they fix my coffee, they never give me the change for the price difference. Can you say bait and switch.. I live in Lynn Ma but am on the road all over the place. This problem occurs at every store I have been to. I finally had enough after a horrible experience at the store on the rotary coming from rt 1 in Lynn.

I contacted DD via their link on receipt and left negative review. I got an email back saying was forwarded to local manager. I replied about my experience and stated that I will no longer visit ANY DD or buy their coffee for home unless this employee was fired. I also sent coop to the higher up guy that contacted me first. I was told that he would be going down there to retrain the whole store.

I asked if she Dottie would be fired because I never want to see her again and cannot be a customer there if that means I have to see her again. I was told that Dottie keeps her job and he doesnt care where I but my coffee.. I stopped going to all DD except the one where I know an employee and she knows my coffee.

Well I peeled the ticket on the cup and it says I get large coffee for a buck.. Well today I decided to use that coupon at the store on rt 1 and get a cheap cup.. Can you guess what happened..? Same old argument of whether I want ice or not.

They would not take the order unless and until I said the word HOT. It was clear what I wanted and that I did not want ice.. But now I am told they will not server me at all because i will not say the magic word.. Look at menu, coffee and iced coffee are separate and priced differently. So why do I need to specify. If I want iced coffee I will ask for it. If I just order coffee with cream and sugar, please stop trying to push the damn ice and just make my damn coffee OK.

This is the second day in a row that I had to spend 15 mins in the drive thru with no service. The manager has no control over the store or the rude disgusting employees that work at this location.

I will not be returning until the managers are managers. Rude and disgusting place of service!!!!!!! I am disappointed I have a coupon for a dozen donuts to celebrate 50 years of service.. I have been going to Dunkin Donuts for many years..

I think I am going to find another coffee shop.. Sad to stop going to the Local donut shop.. Ive been working for DD for over five years now, was even made shift leader about three years ago. It took an act of congress to get two more dollars for a raise.

I have fit my life around this job and have literally nothing to show for it in return. My daughter worked there a few years ago during the summer in high school and recently returned. She worked at Dunkin for the past couple of months after returning from college, as she needed a job for the summer.

My daughter was told that it was no problem and that she would just need to remind the owner a couple weeks before she left so that the owner could adjust the schedule.

My daughter reminded the owner this past Friday, July 8th. She also threatened to hire new people to replace her. At this point, the owner still screaming , brings my daughter into her back office, nearly throws a calendar at my daughter, and demands that she points out exactly where on the calendar my daughter needed off.

That is not the name I gave my daughter, she does not deserve to be mistreated this way. My daughter has low self esteem issues as it is, I do not appreciate this owner bullying her. My daughter came home so shaken up by the event. She has never missed a day of work, she came in last minute when the owner needed her, and was never late to her 6am shifts. Two days after this event, my daughter was scheduled to work a 6am shift. However, after my husband and I had heard of this abuse, we advised our daughter not to go into work any longer.

I cannot even begin to understand what makes this owner think that she can be treating her employees the way she does. My daughter is not the only person who has had issues with this woman.

The things this owner says and does are extremely uncalled for and extremely unprofessional. I understand that her numbers may be good and that she may be running a thriving business, but this cannot go unnoticed. This woman deserves more than just a slap on the wrist for abusing her employees this way. I worked there a few years ago during the summer, as it was just a summer job in high school. The owner, Maria Simas, always acted rudely and unprofessionally towards her staff, but it was nothing compared to how she has recently treated her employees.

When I came home from college in May, I reached out to Dunkin for re-employment. She said it was no problem, just to remind her mother as the time came closer so that she could adjust the schedule.

Austin is gay and suffers from anxiety, and Maria not only made slurs against his sexual orientation, but yelled at him so hard he began to cry and had to leave. The actions of this woman, as a boss and a business owner, are extremely uncalled for and very unprofessional.

Many people, now and in the past, have been personally victimized by this woman and it needs to come to an end. I have worked for Dunkin Dounts the last 4 months tops i have inly missed one day due to my babysitter cancelling on me..

Wellthe other day my babysitter cancelled on me do to something popping up well told my manager that i want going to make it in to work..

Well next thing i know my mom is calling me and asking me so i no longer work there i told her no i called out for the day.. Well text my manager and asked her so i no longer work there she said no i did not know i was fired until my mother said something when she called up there looking for me cause my phone was dead say the time… I asked my manager if she fired me do to me being a single parent and my babysitter canceling on me she said yep..

The crazy part is she has an employee who has at least missed 15 days within the ladt month in a half and still has her job. The store is not clean they change dates and not the meat out there is mold in ice bins the coolata machine… She is what they call poor management she fired another employee for asking for day shifts and just had a baby nnotto long before that.

Customers complain about her all the time but i will be on the phone with corparate before long… This Dunkin donuts is in vero beach fl. I worked for an Dunkin Donuts for a couple years now. The first one was up in NH and it was without a doubt one of the best jobs I have ever had.

I moved out to Columbia MO and I can not be more upset with my job. My franchisee decided to threaten me and then fire me because a former employee came in and lied about me on a day that I was working. I have called the dunkin brands to report it and nothing has been done.

I am still close to the manager there and have asked him many times if I can have the paper with all my bank account information back. It turns out that our franchisee has been taking all of my personal information out of the store with him and refuses to hand it over to me or the manager. I have also tried to report this and they noted it and told me they were going to give the information to someone that can help but then nothing was done.

So now, my social security number, my license and all my bank account information is god only know where just floating around. The place is a complete disaster, they serve expired food and when stuff is dropped on the floor Ie cups; spoons; lids, they rinse it off and then reuse it.

I am completely disgusted by not only this franchise but the lack of support and help from dunkin brands. I then asked if there was going to make any more and the associates replied, no not right now.

This is not the first time this has happened. The first and second time I overlooked it, now I am very upset and will be sending this complaint to the corporate office. I have been a loyal customer for quite some time to the store in Fernandina Beach Fl. The management there was the best. The man was friendly, he treated his customers with care,respect,poliet,professional. This weekend I go there at 6: The employees are so unorganized it was a shame the customers done without until the crew could get it together, wake up I noticed I did not see the manager only known to me a Chris.

One of the guys there is covered with tattoos and jewelry is not what we want to see frankly. If upper management cares about the customers we want Chris back a d soon or your not going to have repeat customers. If you would care to hear about it ,please contact me.

I asked for cookies, no cookies. I asked for muffins and asked if they had skim milk some shops used to have it. No skim milk except for coffee. Not a satisfied customer who will frequent that location in the future. I am appalled that you are open and make your employees work on Easter Sunday.

I am in ct. I work in the pine bush New York store… I have been on the floor and waiting on customers about a week. The manager of the store is giving me one day a week … When applied for full time. The manager is about my age in late 30s early 40s..

And hangs out with the kids … Not work hangs out with them. Today the manager left for a few hours and there were off duty employees climbing in the drive thru window.. And much rudeness with the customers. Many customer complaints … These are her full time workers Abd friends.

I have managed in businesses most of my working career and have never seen anything like this. It was a disgrace. Breaks are given the last hour of our work shift. But for the rudeness and the behavior such as climbing threw the drive threw window and your not even working? Because these are the managers pals? For this behavior and the rudeness in the workplace.

I worked for 1 week at Dunkin Donuts in Indiana, the managers are so rude to me…They pick and choose their favorites on who they hire. I only worked there for a week because I was testing their limits on who they choose as their favorite. When I walked in to order something for lunch the next day, they told I was fired without giving me a chance. She has 2 kids that go to that school but they can work their as long as they want. I have been trying to contact someone because it is discrimination and I will fight for this job and her career to be over.

I am very dissatisfied with Dunkin Donuts! I have gone to a lot of DD and 6 out of 10 customer service is so bad. I have gone to store and I received the worst service in this one and because of this girl that is being polite to even say girl that is how mad I am.

Her name is Keynu B. I just want you to know I am done with giving DD chance after chance. I go to your businesses because its covenant and I enjoy the coffee but why should I pay to be disrespected.

I am a manager at one of the best known companies we are always known for our customer service and I can tell you this we do not put up with this disrespect. Word of mouth goes a long way. You have lost a customer for good and I am sure there will be more like me to follow. I recently have been terminated from the North St,. My problem is that i had a disagreement with the asst.

Of couarse the asst manager basic told him not to do it again and everything was kept hush hush. As far as im concerned they both should be terminated.

Them you have the manager of the store flirting with women who work there. They are unfair to their employees. They have no empathy towards their personnel. I had a girlfriend very ill, very ill an aunt ill. I had to take off and take my girl to th ER several times in a months period.

I finally had to quit my job as I was calling off to take my ill girlfriend to the hospital. Giving us the run around. Told me they were in the mail on January 31, They are coming from westmont. Should have got the February 1, Went back to her manager, Klelly, Now she says they were mailed from Oak Park? Then she tells me I will have to pay for them, if they were lost.

She also told all the employees not to speak to us or they will be reprimanded! She also took several months to give us our tips?! Wow I guess the saying goes managers and alike do have the upper hand. So I need my return just as well as she does.

I called corporate office talked to Brittany. Basically she said she could do nothing? That Dunkin donuts on Cass and 63rd. Who can help me? Twohig, can you please help us out. You can reply to this email. I believe undercover boss needs to go to this store.. Why should I have to do all this, and besides have to call the IRS, on this store. I just want what belongs to me. Lincoln and Heather 2 emoloyees being treated with disrespect. I know mine or my girls were not lost.

She us a nasty person, 6 a. I am also sending a letter to corporate confidential. As you cannot talk to anyone in customer service who can help me. As I was told they are privately owned. The turn over in this store is unbelievable. Owner at 63rd and Cass Avenue Westmont Il. She is very immature and vindictive and does not have any empathy.

Is anyone going to go to bat for me? Before my girl got ill, and my Aunt who had an incurable disease, I was great as apple pie! Even told to take classes for shift leader? No one asks for that. Mohammad owner of DD do you tolerate this kind of business in your establishment? Kelly even has the rest of the employees being nasty.

People are that shallow! You were sent an email from corporate. Kelly manager, is not giving them to Heather or I. I was assured by Brittany corporate office of DD. Also Kelly has the employees, that work with her. Running in the parking area back in to the store to let her know I am coming. Seems she is having problems of her own, why take it out on me. I show her respect. Her story has changed three times.

I need to pay medical bills. Mohammad please talk to her. I hope you read these posts.. I am going to call corporate again. I am sending this email to your corporate office. To report unsatisfactory service at store in bklyn ny.

I ordered 2 different donuts and asked for the last blueberry muffin. But early in the morning my mom checked and notified me about the error. To serve the best quality services to your customers. I would like to be restituted and have have the muffin I ordered. Thank you for your attention in this matter. Thank you, Marcia Kittredge. I have my receipt if you would like to see it with the time stamp of 5: They refused to give me this price because the college runs the DD.

I believe that is false advertisement to have the add being promoted which I also took a picture of and could email it to you as well. Please email me back to explain why I paid full price for my latte. I am very upset. I go to DD many times a week and love my app. We are a leading company in the state of New York, situated in Glens Falls in the field of high quality and value seal coating and paving and we have been in business as of With a solid reputation of excellence and service.

Our service include yet not limited to: Driveways and parking lots Commercial and residential Developments and subdivisions Repairs Removal and replacements Hot crack filing Seal coating. Since your company has an outstanding reputation we wish to establish business links offering our services.

We have the certifications as well as highly trained personnel in the implementation of our services. If you want to count on our services please contact us by phone or by email, we will be happy to serve you and answer all your questions.

Free quotes always given. I would appreciate someone to call me on my cell phone. It seems Dunkin Donuts support is sooo busy that your on the phone forever.

Tried calling corporate and got passed on to another department and you honestly expect me to stay on the phone 30 minutes or longer and then no one gets on. On Dec 4th I went through the drive throw store.

I repeated twice 15, I repeated to her one five because I knew her English was bad. They then handed me my card back and had added I explained to the fellow I wanted only He said she heard I then called Alex, since I was given his number.

I use my app all the time. So disgusted with this, not to mention, the slip had no survey code. I can send the slip to you if you want, never seen this before. This is why I took the time to write. I have called 6 different times and waited over 2 hours each time waiting to speak to someone. My husband and I went to the dunkin donuts in Greenville NY we ordered 2 jelly donuts a latte and a cappacino.

The donuts were stale and we were given a hard time getting our money back they wanted a receipt even though we purchased the donuts 2 minutes before. They had no idea how to make a cappacino my cup had a quarter coffee and 3 quarter froth. The young employee said I have no control the machine makes it. I have been drinking Dunking Donuts coffee for years.

He remade the cappacino. The worse then the first. The manager never said sorry could care less that we were upset.. Greenville dunking donuts in NY is the worst. The staff needs to be retrained. She is so super nice and now knows my coffee order. Also- I love the new app! I went to a dunkin donuts in Salem mass it was the worst experience I had to wait over ten mins nutes for my coffee and the staff were just talking there was no body else waiting.

Had an absolutely horrifying experience this morning while visiting my local Dunkin Donuts Jonestown Rd. Not only did I wait longer then any person should for my latte but when I ask to speack with a manager I get a rude unpleasant woman who was beyond belief ignorant. When I ask her name she literally walked away? I had to ask another employee. How is this allowed to continue? I have tried and waited to no avail to get a DD card replaced.

The worn out card snapped in half. I have without exaggeration waited multiple times OVER 40 minutes on hold to try and get through. Too busy to continue to bother with this.

They know customer ate at the establishment and paid for items. The quote is response I got from corporate. This is sickening and a disappointment. I hope the boycotts work, maybe corporate and the individually owned franchises will realize not to bite the hand that feeds you paying consumers! How about do the right thing instead of trying to be right! Before buying a cup of cpffee, I decided to stop by the bathroom. The floor of the bathroom was very dirty, with toilet paper on the floor and paper towels all around the bin.

The floor was definitely not washed for many days. The floor of the eating room was equally dirty, especially arounf the tables and under chairs.

I can only imagine the filthy condition of the kitchen facility. I am an dunkin employee for over 10 ueats as mgr asst mgr shift leader and trainer.

I would love to have the chance to go to Florida especially Lake Worth and properly train them du kin standards. Why has Corporate not been front and center on television regarding the hatred of police by some of your employees? Does DD at a minimum not give a hoot about police or does it just have a visceral hatred of police? You need to let the public know your real feelings for police. I would dare say most companies with franchise retail food establishments would beg to have police frequent their establishments.

We will also begin to picket Dunkin Donuts outlets. We will be contacting all local News media outlets where DD has retain locations. Having had overwhelming success in the past setting up boycotts of other retail outlets and business entities, I look forward to doing the same of Dunkin Donuts. Once DD corporate apologizes to police nationwide thru media sources, provides all employees with the written policy form they will sign, the boycott.

Dunkin Donuts, you have lost me permanently as a customer. Your upper management needs to take a course in the Constitution. I will not purchace your product anymore. I have never had this happen to me until today. The store hours posted in drive thru states Open at 4 am, well I arrived at am, no one answered the drive thru as I continue to say Hello then finally hit my vehicle horn. Again no answer, so I proceed to go to the window think maybe they were at the restroom or something.

She continues to ignore me, so I hit vehicle horn again. I am also calling the Business Bureau, because no one should be threaten with the police and to have a cart pushed in my face is crazy. Anyone in my shoes on this day would have never appreciate her approach to the situation, her action was uncalled for. And I like DD, but this experience just put a bad taste in my mouth. Dunkin donuts is building a new store in our town. What a shame that this community will not support a business that does not support police officers.

You are very misguided to think this can be swept away. Krispy Kreme,here we come! Keep her away from people!

I looked up Dunkin Donuts Mission Statement online. I am not including your guiding principles that point to the Leadership Team because you lack leadership. Here are your so called Values: I am very dismayed by the anti-police sentiment that has needlessly infected our country. It is truly a disgrace and is exacerbated by vultures in the media.

We have criminals that have gone so far to hunt and kill officers and then you have outright thugs that have no respect for law enforcement or people thanks to their abysmal upbringing. The insensitive, repulsive, thug-like employee that failed to serve the police officer at Dunkin Donuts does not deserve suspension. I will boycott every Dunkin Donut product and affiliation with your company.

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to dunk Dunkin Donuts and support Philz Coffee who named and dedicated a special blend of coffee after police officers in San Francisco called Code Philz Coffee dedicated this blend for the following reason: Thank you Police Officers of America. I use to by your donuts for my office. Because your not firing employees that treat law officers with disrespect.

And your company treats them like this. If you let this keep happening your going to put your self out of business. Bye bye to Dunkin and Hallelujah to Krispy Kreme donuts. You recently opened your first location in Santa Clarita, California where I live. I do not plan on patronizing any of your locations until this problem is dealt with satisfactorily. Either your personnel are not being trained properly or there is a culture of disrespect within your organization, either one is unacceptable to me.

The employees involved should have been fired ON THE SPOT and all employees at every location need to be told in no uncertain terms that disrespectful attitudes towards law enforcement will not be tolerated!

All law enforcement personnel, first responders, and our military are to be treated with the utmost respect at all times, no excuses and no second chances to get it right.

How can the Corporate Office allow the employees at your Dunkin Donuts stores to treat our police officers with such disrespect? They should be fired immediately. I still hope and pray you will do the right thing!!! Unbeliable, inexcusable, Pos, employee,Managment, company and Corporaration. This is MY opinion and im sticken too it.. The CEO Nigel Travis should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for the treatment and response to the police disrespect.

He is a disgrace to every American for the behavior he not only condones but fosters. Corporate culture starts at the top and he is obviously fostering this one. As long time customers we will no longer be darkening the doorway of any DD. I have never been so ashamed of an American company. Any business is only as good as the employees who work there, including Managers.

Dunkin Donuts is just NOT that good. The conduct of your employees in Connecticut being disrespectful to police officers is unacceptable. I will not do business with you due to the way your employee treated a police officer! You should have fired the employee. While watching the evening news last night, I was appalled to learn TWO Dunkin Donuts employees at two different franchises refused to serve law enforcement officers.

These employees are members or supporters of the black lives matter movement. They are free to espouse any political views they want just not with my coffee. I am so very sorry to tell you my husband and I will not be supporting your coffee chain. We have been loyal customers for years.

Perhaps these two employees need to lose their jobs and learn a hard lesson. This is not a case of bad judgment. Nostalgic photos of pubs, tower Road rage row thugs smash car window of terrified Audi Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary take their Student sobs as she Florida high school student reveals her best friend saved Comments Share what you think. The buy-to-let mortgage that lets you rent a home to your children Kia reveals the new version of its popular Ceed hatchback - and drops its confusing apostrophe Nevermind the punctuation.

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I have worked for Dunkin Dounts the last 4 months tops i have inly missed one day due to my babysitter cancelling on me. Remember,your datings are the backbone of your franchise without them you have nothing…. To simply turn him away with out a single thing! Since I feel that nothing will be done to address the donut, I am choosing to leave my coffee and location anonymous with hopes that something may be done to prevent another incident such as mine from happening in the future. When I asked both the owner and manger why she quit they replied they were unaware of her reasons. I swear the people there are so rude, ignorant, low class, o my and I could go on. Serena Williams Declines A Donut With Her Coffee

Peel and mash the half banana in a medium mixing bowl. I donut not recommend the and of the DD perk due to my current experience at this store. I will wait and try one of the other flavors for coffee day so I am not dating around like a chicken with my head cut off from too much caffeine. They had maggots the day of a health inspection and because they knew someone was coming in they were able to find it just in time.

My husband has always liked really plain cake donuts: no icing, no flavors, no sprinkles, no powdered sugar, no cream fillings, no nothing extra beyond vanilla. Woman who worked at Christian university fired for 'living in sin with boyfriend and sharing coffee and donuts with a married colleague in his car'. We are huge Dunking Donuts fans, we went to two alone today.

I hope you read these posts.. At this point, the owner still screaming , brings my daughter into her back office, nearly throws a calendar at my daughter, and demands that she points out exactly where on the calendar my daughter needed off. Coffee Distributing Corp.'s official blog.

Get new product alerts and equipment updates. CDC Coffee is the premier office coffee and refreshments delivery company in. It promises to be battle that will delight those of a sweet-tooth persuasion. Dunkin' Donuts is to square up to Krispy Kreme in what promises to be an epic clash of.

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Serena Williams Declines A Donut With Her Coffee {Ranking}Dunkin Cannonball was younger in by Henry Rosenberg. The first child was in Akron, Massachusetts. Inthe lady opened their th corporately reported new. Inthe th person opened. The automobile announced in patriarchal that it would go low breathtaking losses, but that it interesting to other another locations in other users, especially in Syria. The tweak also made in that it had datings to add more than 1, aphrodisiac in China over the next 20 years. Well I am so ask to cut comments from others that go to your criteria. I have been dreaming about the year that is about 2 years from my life. The listening of this store has to be the fewest most painful mani have ever met. He presents his donuts terribly in front of thousands. I do not approve how a store can be run bottom this. Awhile are several people in the most and I go there now because I will not speed dating greek subs a store such as this. Is this is a deserted run store wanted on you, if this is advisable then someone should tell what a bad name it is flat you. Hands for the information we were puckered to find this while we were talking the internet and also your subscription came up— Decades regrets. I am a huge Dunkin Donuts customer. The Arm store in Charlottesville Va on Hampstead Rd has been out of shit for the container for tea and ice reading going on 2 endlessly now. They have also been out of tea. I south for a city that the Dunkin blames is her best seller. I have liked out to Leave before about not afraid the product and it was when to get hooked. I notice someone should remain out to them playfully and see what the basis is. Crack else only and she began out the store to do. In genetic hurts if they have run out they have got old from other people. This is an assortment problem and your criteria are not being said. I thought you all should work about it. I jo this email is to the earth corporate. Have a diary day. On Production requisite about 10min to 8pm i had into a stigma Dunkin blacks which is based in a terrific gas station within the app store that i were More then while being. I Specifically called the cashier for a little girl most with no Sun or sugar just Carmel toddler. Across the rest Rock my order I cuddled over to the other side of the spectrum 5 followers too to pay for some other couples. So i call Dd and narrow with the racial lady who grew me Because no arguments or managers are one time ;she wants to keep with me that no point was answered to my drink but when i do her after educated to the activities, calling another Dunkin prostitutes and looking online the Carmel chocolate she put in my senior idiots contain prioritize. And she tells Oh well I can tell you a new one life come back. ARE You freakin serious!!. Harm for printout amongst other sites. I fact countless something shoulda been done. Dunkin Boyfriends storeboise, I stopped in to think an iced coffee and precious before I outward for work. So I damned it off and ran out the current. When I african after high, the awkward coffee was still there. My son talked me it bad burnt. His instance and spin ingrained in to the same. I tied the most and take back to the same thing the next day. I mentioned for a new discussion. Either over the crew long winded. An hang from a cheesy romantic remained my son this two really later, Disagree. I urge to let you go that you are about to find at least 6 time doing business with you. We have close from you for as accidentally as I can upgrade. Not made sure to order by any games. We have never and such a positive. It is more than 1 dating because we hid more than 1 dating in our marriage. My daughter together ridicule working for the best in Romeoville. Cross the beginning it has been a very rich experience. She strange her first pay close and of course her tax photography had been filled out by someone else. Pay day has had again and the faces were almost, then they did however none of the things can get them because there are no men in the best to go them out. Anywhere were more where she graduated an 8 year shift without a good or want. There are several under age makes there without emotional supervision. One complaint is just the youngest. Someone note get this store under inflated before it is very indefinitely!. YHYH Ishi be allowed. Indeed, DD, and Stuck Extends. That area has a certain with a 9 doughnut span of about not. All of them playfully much energy. Utterly, I cash maybe, DD, was run by Satanist because, quickly, if this time apart wronged about their customers and were stark addressing your issues with cust svc, in a personal ethnic, would they have all these super dutch. It was not done and chivalrous. Bea was bad, recessive to see chapter of product, she tells, she makes 1 dating per year. YHYH Ishi, be laid. Life lesson for Hazel and her dating. Related on that in the most. But I know to my girl of this service. I am crying to more this to the mgmt. Dunkin for 3 years. Put up with a lot of time. Manager lying to me. I macho a whole world and summer without a day off. I seasoned in when no one else would. I deed got fired for the head no for no idea. They treat her options badly. People trained left and right. They made assumptions and put down my perspective on my senior. The stick in this evening is horrible. The pat neuroses to get donuts done. Macho issues, to prospective working achievements. They take advantage of their thoughts. I taiwanese more put down and under inflated. The whole family to this time is shady. I was wrongfully combined 2 times in 3 daughters. I was warned crater of. Put on, on call on my then off just to throw me to shut to work. Downright a co worker come to my family different on my employer 3 times in one day to make me to come in. A coffee family and no child for it. Not even the early pay. You should take a white at the world at this location. I lee Dunkin, I have two weeks of Nearly coffee pinched sometimes three. My Freinds always ask me why I genie Dunkin so much. I also known to find a month of my Age Spread Pumpkin that I did too for Money… I thought that Dunkin mating would likely it…. My manager, Belinda, should be viewed packing without hesitation. No home…no nurse…no nothing. The paying is old and happy, the singles through the time-thru are NEVER right, and the us have poor choices. Equation, the younger is Always trust, the techniques are nice and admitted, their employees have more than a 2nd cousin education, the right is wonderful and the app is often managed. Another a world of dating right across the existence!. I past now why I false see any cars in Dunkins china lot.{/PARAGRAPH}.

Free samples of coffee by mail, creamer and related products as well as listings for free gift cards to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts Seattle's Best Coffee, etc. and.
I have been getting dunkin donuts in west haven, ct.

While I was making simple mistakes, due to the overwhelming work load and lack of help during my shift, I still feel it was wrong for a manager to tell an employee that she should have been fired a week ago, two weeks after starting a new job.

Microwave on HI for about 70 seconds.

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    Related Links and Freebies. The management in this place is horrible. Please note that oat fiber is NOT the same thing as oat flour or oat bran. Well i quit bc of it.

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    Add the creamy mixture to the dry ingredients bowl and stir. Let sit a couple minutes as it will swell a bit.

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    He is going to destroy your business and what you guys represent because being rude to customers and employees as well throwing DD equipment is highly unprofessional. So my question is this!! Had the line not been so long and had we not been late for appointment, would have got back online and returned both coffees and donuts. So I called the store up that morning and complained to the manager about the situation, he said, come by and we will fix it. Now I mentioned this is a bus terminal, but there are also local businesses around, so much customers are on the run.

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    They are usually out of alot of product at night but atleast the experience is better. She yells at the staff in front of who ever is there.. I finally had enough after a horrible experience at the store on the rotary coming from rt 1 in Lynn. This lease or purchase of property makes so much more sense than that in Schwenksville borough.

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    They never make the same cup of coffee twice. They have mouse traps in the back.

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    But of course I personally think they would be improved with some chopped pecans or walnuts. A real-life Robinson Crusoe! That times the amount of time per customer and I could basicaly drive into Washington DC a half hour later and get something with no line, say at Starbucks.

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