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classic fm romance dating


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Top 100 Classic Rock Songs

Listening to the track, the heartache of the lyrics is reflected as optimistically as possible by guitarist Toy Caldwell, yet there is an overarching feeling of heartbreak and sadness understandably permeating the song. The James Gang were huge in their hometown of Cleveland, but in some circles still might be best known as being the first major band of future Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh.

The pair went on to work together for decades. The Pretenders, "Brass in Pocket". Their third single, "Brass in Pocket" was their first U. Think about the role of women as band leaders and songwriters in rock up to the arrival of the Pretenders. There were many great female singers, and many great female songwriters, but precious few women who could lead a band. Chrissie Hynde almost single-handedly changed all of that.

It was about a philosophy, and for the Pretenders — just as for XTC , Elvis Costello , Blondie and countless others — that philosophy meant strong songwriting anchored by pure musicianship. The Animals, "House of the Rising Sun". This folk song was passed down through the years, ultimately making its way into the hands of Greenwich Village folk mainstay Dave Van Ronk, who put his own twist on "House of the Rising Sun.

Out of step with most of the rest of the British invasion sounds, this record stood alone and utterly unique. Later, when the single was released in the U. The single went to No. The hypnotic groove of this Tony Visconti-produced song begs you to play it repeatedly. Bolan found rhythm in his language and will long be remembered as a poet turned superstar. Jefferson Airplane, "Somebody to Love".

The latter also wrote the song, which was then titled "Someone to Love. The second version of the song boasts a faster tempo, beefed-up guitars and drums and, most important, a forceful performance from the frontwoman. The hesitance Slick exhibited in the Great Society version vanishes.

A mixture of scorn and longing drips from her smoky voice; the delivery announces her arrival as one of the great female rock vocalists of all time. The song reached No. A few different renditions of this song exist, like the far slower E.

Cola Mix included on the Grosse Pointe Blank film soundtrack. If you were a fan of the television show Burn Notice , you probably also recognized a remake of the song used as its ending theme. Funny enough though, the song was not included on the album when it was initially released.

Given a lukewarm response by audiences in the U. One of those additional songs was called "Desert Song," a track that was eventually re-christened with its now-famous moniker. America co-founder Dewey Bunnell was never shy about admitting the influence that Neil Young had upon his music, and you definitely sense that here.

America later scored a respectable number of hits after this, but they will be forever remembered as the band who observed "plants and birds and rocks and things" on their trip through the desert. Mountain stomps onto our list with one of the mightiest riffs of all time, as featured on "Mississippi Queen.

This classic packs a whole lot of jolt into just two and a half minutes. The cowbell counts things off like an alarm, and then guitarist Leslie West delivers that famous and fantastic introduction. Fresh from a legendary appearance at Woodstock the year before, Mountain were on the rise in and the very catchy, yet very heavy, "Mississippi Queen" pushed the band up the ranks of rock royalty. The song was the lead track from their first album, Climbing , and the single reached No.

But the label won, and an effort by the band to be more clear with the title "Heir of the Dog" was also rejected, leaving us with the vague innuendo we have today. Still, with the rare and highly contested exception of Motley Crue perfecting " Helter Skelter , as always the original remains the king.

The unrest started when officers, bowing to pressure from both business and home owners in the area, chose to begin enforcing a strict 10 PM curfew that dated back to in an effort to curb the number of people hanging out there. The Los Angeles County board of supervisors decided that getting tough was the best tactic, and rescinded the "youth permits" of 12 of the clubs frequented by youth on the Sunset Strip, deeming them off-limits to anybody under 21 years of age.

The Sunset Strip riots were born when arrests for curfew violations began escalating. There were six consecutive weekends where young people protested the enforcement of the bylaw. Most of the damage was done, however, on Nov. Before the evening was through, store windows had been smashed, a city bus disabled and more than arrests were made. What does a British jazz-blues band know about life on the Jersey shore? So, it made sense that they record one of his songs. It was rather on the autobiographical side," shot through a rhyming dictionary.

The " madman drummer " and the " teenage diplomat " in the opening line, for example, were him and original E Street Band member Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez. Along the way, we hit church dances, meet campus radicals, FBI agents and several loose women, including "little Early-Pearly" who " came by in her curly wurly and asked me if I needed a ride. Lou Reed, "Walk on the Wild Side".

It was late when Reed, who never ceased to offend somebody, managed to land a No. Reed, having been plugged into that scene, can easily take credit for helping America find their wild side. The single comes from the album Transformer which was co-produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson, who were creatively peaking in their own right. The union of these three artists was nothing short of monumental.

Bowie was ecstatic to work next to one of his heroes, while Reed benefited from the skills that Bowie and Ronson brought to the studio. The song pays a well-deserved tribute to the rock and roll dreamer, inspired by a real life fan who Jones encountered outside of a sold out Foreigner concert: By the time the song ends, you can almost feel the sweat streaming down as the lights and sounds of the crowd begin to fade away.

For years, "Juke Box Hero" has been a concert staple, often coming late in the set. Janis Joplin, "Piece of My Heart". Janis Joplin is one of only a few female artists featured on our list of the Top Classic Rock Songs. Talking Heads, "Burning Down the House".

Not a shabby way to kick-start your career. The single peaked at the No. Characterized by the very new-wave sound with which the band was associated, the song is perhaps most notable for the nonsensical phrases sung by vocalist David Byrne. Fortunately for Rod, the general public had bigger plans for "Maggie," sending it to No. Stewart wrote the song with Steamhammer guitarist Martin Quittenton, reaching back to a particularly saucy episode in his past for inspiration.

He fessed up during a interview with Q , saying it "was more or less a true story about the first woman I had sex with, at the Beaulieu Jazz Festival. He remained in the group until its split in , but they were occasionally marketed as the "Faces with Rod Stewart," driving a wedge into what was already a volatile mix.

For Stewart, however, it kicked off a torrid string of hit singles and albums. As for Maggie herself, her identity remains a mystery. The song title was taken not from the woman in the story, but from a traditional British folk song about a prostitute who robs a sailor.

Don Henley, "The Boys of Summer". It also gave us the No. In stark contrast to his often critically dismissed work with the Eagles, "The Boys of Summer" finally provided Henley with commercial and critical acclaim.

Motley Crue, "Home Sweet Home". Phil Collins, "In the Air Tonight". When you think of Phil Collins , the climactic, dam-bursting drum beat of his hit "In the Air Tonight" is very likely one of the first things that comes to mind. A divorce from his first wife Andrea provided the framework for his solo debut Face Value , a dark portrait of the emotional despair and anger that the Genesis frontman was feeling over the loss.

His vocal seethes with a new-found confidence, knowing that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. Later, he calls out the elephant in the room directly, saying: A much less dramatic version with no bad guys can be found on the Live at Montreux DVD, recorded in He was later forced to temporarily retire from drumming due to back problems that made it too painful for him to play the drums. In , Collins returned to recording and touring. If he needed an extra hand on stage, Mike Tyson seems prepared to take over.

Either way, "In the Air Tonight" will survive in recorded form as one of his greatest accomplishments. Instead, he recorded it on a lark, complete with stammering "Bu-bu-bu-baby" vocals, as a joke and loving tribute to his brother Gary, who actually did have a stutter: When it started getting more attention from radio than the officially released single "Roll on Down the Highway," Fach was forced to give up all resistance. Since, the track has hovered around the top of recurrent FM playlists, and appeared in a never-ending series of movies and TV shows to this day.

Stevie Nicks, "Edge of Seventeen". The story behind this entry in our Top Classic Rock Songs is one of musical lore. Jane said they met at the "age of seventeen," but her thick Southern accent made it sound like she said "edge of seventeen" — and Nicks was so taken with the phrase that she asked Jane if she could use it as a song title. Stevie intended "Edge of Seventeen" to be about the Pettys, but when her beloved uncle Jonathan and music legend John Lennon both died during the same week in December of , she shifted focus.

Drawing inspiration from his time spent as a piano player in an L. Oddly enough, the song was both butchered, then somewhat ignored when first released as a single in Deemed too long for Top 40 radio, it was edited down into shorter versions and then promptly disappeared into oblivion, topping out at No.

After a couple of decades riding the charts with radio-friendly, expertly-crafted piano pop, and a couple decades after that as the punchline to every other bloated drunkard joke on late-night talk shows, it might be easy to dismiss Billy Joel. Next time "Piano Man" pops up in the aural wallpaper of your life, however, give it a real listen.

Let it paint a picture for you, and understand the real brilliance of Billy Joel. Golden Earring, "Radar Love". Formed in in the Netherlands, Golden Earring had been releasing a string of fantastic records for nearly a decade, but nothing that took hold in the U. Like so many of the artists featured on this list, Golden Earring are so much more than the one or two songs they are best known for.

You will not be sorry. Stevie Ray Vaughan, "Pride and Joy". After a blistering performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in , the then-unknown guitarist left the gig discouraged, thinking the audience reception was less than favorable. Little did he know that David Bowie and Jackson Browne were in the audience. Vaughan and his band Double Trouble were delivering the blues and better still; pop-rock radio put it in rotation, which was very uncommon at the time.

Some believe that Vaughan single-handedly revitalized the blues genre, introducing it to an eager new audience. An eight-minute-plus slab from the Foghat album Fool For the City , this song works its way into your subconscious slowly but quite deliberately.

Barely past the second mark, shape-shifting cymbals surround a woozy slide guitar riff from Rod Price. This provides the appropriate backing for vocalist "Lonesome" Dave Peverett to deliver the soul-shaking chorus: After a couple more rounds of that, Peverett shifts into the verse: But movies and the eventual video game licensing possibilities were probably the furthest thing from the mind of Foghat members during their heyday.

The decade that followed brought about a quiet period for the band, and members drifted apart for a few years, before Foghat finally returned. Drummer Roger Earl is the only remaining original member, following the deaths of both Peverett and Price. If you are searching for the definitive riff in all of rock and roll, we may have just the thing for you: This amazingly primal track, released in the summer of during the height of the British Invasion, inspired countless bands over many genres.

It has been said that the roots of punk, heavy metal and garage rock can be traced to this two-and-a-half-minute blast of energy. That surge of teen urgency channeled through that distorted guitar was a match made in heaven. Crank it up and you will see that decades later, it still knocks down walls.

One of the greatest songwriters of the rock and roll era, Ray Davies went on to compose a string of amazing singles and albums. Steve Miller Band, "The Joker". What, exactly, is "the pompatus of love"?

Well, nothing, at first — though it has grown into something of a neologism, or "a newly coined term, word, or phrase, that may be in the process of entering common use, but has not yet been accepted into mainstream language. Plus, "the splendor of love" sounds downright boring.

Today, "The Joker" stands as a cornerstone of classic rock radio and part of the pop culture landscape. It even partially inspired a feature film starring Jon Cryer — titled The Pompatus of Love , of course.

Joe Walsh, "Rocky Mountain Way". Technically, we could have snuck Walsh onto our countdown four times. Even though only his name is on the cover, this song actually comes from the second album by his post-James Gang project, Barnstorm. Simpler forms of the technology had been used on records before.

Peter Frampton was obviously inspired: He called Walsh to find out what this magic box was and how to use it. George Harrison, "My Sweet Lord". Still, its success was quickly followed by legal controversy. Regardless, Harrison believed that because "My Sweet Lord" sounded like a pop song, it had the power to sneak up on the listener, and he was right. He longs to touch the real thing, whoever she is.

Alas, this mystery girl remains only a fantasy and much to his despair, he can only love her from afar. Def Leppard knows the formula for creating a good single, and this was just one of many for this talented group. Prior to their time in Bad Company , Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke had already realized a few rock and roll fantasies of their own with Free. Their signature number "All Right Now," which deservedly grabs a slot on our Top Classic Rock Songs countdown, was created by a group who were just in their teens when they first got together.

In fact, bassist Andy Fraser just 15 years old at time. Listening to "All Right Now" now, however, you wonder how anyone missed it. But Island Records president Chris Blackwell stepped in and released it anyway.

They needed a number to get the audiences on their feet, and "All Right Now" which was made complete with a healthy helping of cowbell proved to be just what the doctor ordered. Inner-band turmoil and wildly fluctuating record sales eventually caused Free to break apart, and that was followed tragically by the drug-related death of Kossoff in Still, the blistering "All Right Now" remains a feather in their cap. The first single, and centerpiece of their fourth studio album Agents Of Fortune , was an instant hit on FM radio, and to this day remains a daily radio favorite.

It is also the song most identified with Blue Oyster Cult, solidifying its inclusion here on our list of the Top Classic Rock Songs. An album was recorded, but never released. They soon adopted the moniker of Blue Oyster Cult and signed with Columbia. With Agents Of Fortune , the band fine tuned their sound and as a result connected with radio and record buyers, sending "Reaper" to No.

The mood is set with a sinister yet inviting, Byrds -inspired guitar riff. A driving rhythm and haunting vocals overtake the proceedings and then at the halfway point, the whole thing bursts wide open into guitar frenzy before the overall calm reclaims the terrain. A brilliant piece of rock and roll from start to end. The song was later parodied on Saturday Night Live , with Christopher Walken playing a character who actually had nothing to do with the original recordings.

Bruce Dickinson was the reissue producer and did not produce the original album; Sandy Pearlman did. The Guess Who, "American Woman". But it still made for great rock and roll. The song actually came together in a rather unexpected way. As the group found their way, Burton Cummings began improvising the lyrics, singing what he felt worked best with the rhythm.

In an ironic twist, the Guess Who were invited to play at the White House shortly after the song was a certified hit but were reportedly asked by First Lady Pat Nixon to refrain from playing "American Woman" due to its perceived anti-American lyrics.

And when "Roxanne" did finally resonate with listeners after its re-release, it barely cracked the Top 40 in the U. I mean, they do have fellas. How would I feel? Despite the risque subject matter, "Roxanne" reportedly helped the Police secure a record deal. As if to underscore its genre fluidity, "Roxanne" has metamorphosed through the years. Emo-pop act Fall Out Boy emphasized the punk roots of the song on a released cover, while pop star George Michael approached the song like a standards crooner.

Sting himself has actually reinvented the song more than anyone else: He recorded a version of the song with rapper Puff Daddy in , and during solo concerts has performed both an extended, reggae-driven interpretation of the song and a gentle orchestral rendition. Peter Frampton, "Show Me the Way". Frampton is deservedly celebrated for his guitar playing and songwriting, but should also be recognized as a survivor in an industry that chews up and spits out even the best of them.

The longevity of his career is nothing short of remarkable. Remember, he started out as the vocalist and guitarist in the British teen band the Herd, and then followed that up by co-founding the mighty Humble Pie before going solo. Frampton released four mildly successful solo albums before millions and millions of copies of Frampton Comes Alive! He was calling out for guidance and the audience made the connection.

So, while the boys tried to figure out how he achieved that unique talk-box sound could it be he got some inspiration from Joe Walsh? Decades years later, Frampton has proven that he knew the way all along.

The Doobie Brothers, "Black Water". However, in an oft-repeated tale in rock history, an intrepid DJ flipping the record over and playing the other side led to the song hitting the No.

The Doobie Brothers would go on to score more hits and explore more creative ground throughout their long and successful career, but "Black Water" was their first monster hit and remains among their most popular songs ever. Rush grab their much deserved slot on our Top Classic Rock Songs list with a track that found the band once again breaking new ground artistically. What began as it often does as simple noodling at soundcheck evolved into a much more complex undertaking.

Fortunately their efforts paid off and "Tom Sawyer" was quite well received, to put it mildly. The positive reception however, came as a complete shock to the band. Lifeson has joked in the past about nailing the solo in a short period of time, but he later admitted that in reality quite a bit of tinkering was necessary to finally get a satisfactory take. The finished results speak for themselves: Even if, in reality there were no bars you really had a prayer of getting into and few girls willing to give any of us guys the time of day.

Judas Priest, "Living After Midnight". By , more than a decade into their career, Judas Priest were ready to take on the world. With the release of their sixth album, the classic British Steel and the single "Living After Midnight" they were really delivering the goods.

The song packed a real one-two punch that woke up U. With its simple, almost Kinks-like riff, "Living After Midnight" was a perfect melding of metal and pop, in the best sense of both worlds.

In just over three minutes, Judas Priest packed all the power of their metallic sound into a simple, direct pop track. Leaving behind earlier, more complicated songwriting, the band turned in a riff, melody and driving beat that was irresistible to rock radio. Record buyers also got hooked, giving Judas Priest their first major hit. The album cracked the Top 40 in America and the Top 5 in their native England. Judas Priest could be a lot heavier, no doubt, and at times even poppier remember "Turbo Lover"?

Decades later, it still easily aces our Top Classic Rock Songs entrance exam. Three and a half minutes of pure loud guitar bliss, with Alice the man in full power of his gritty, made-for-rock and roll voice. The song proved to be an even bigger hit in England, where it shot to No. Turns out, the panties were flammable and had to be recalled. Who was this sick Alice Cooper and why were young kids buying a record with panties in it?

Of course, this was back when parents would genuinely get upset by such things. Ahh, those were the days! Then again, why would you want to? In Japan, a different story was unfolding: The band became an overnight sensation in the land of the rising sun. Just as their third album, the classic Heaven Tonight , hit the streets, Cheap Trick found themselves being welcomed to Japan, Beatlemania-style. This led to a headlining tour, and the recording of a series of shows at the legendary Budokan arena.

The resulting live project, Cheap Trick at Budokan , was released in the fall of and was originally intended for a Japanese-only release. So, in a classic case of supply and demand, Epic Records released the album here in early and it just took off. The success of At Budokan caught everyone by surprise — the label and radio programmers, not to mention the band itself.

As it kept selling, the album shot to No. This was a great band that needed to be heard. Along with "Surrender," this remains the song most identified with the eternally great Cheap Trick, so it finds a rightful home on our list of the Top Classic Rock Songs. Given his ability on the guitar, it should not be terribly surprising to anyone that Clapton chose to showcase his chops and in turn extend the song. Regardless, the song stands proud on our Top Classic Rock Songs list as arguably one of his finest moments, and a staple of his set list decades after its release.

The song starts with an acoustic guitar, sounding somewhat similar to Led Zeppelin , who signed the band to their Swan Song label. Vocalist Paul Rodgers sounds almost wistful and rather restrained, considering what we know of his full potential power.

Rocket science this was not, yet the track resonated well with their fans. The Pacific Northwest band had become superstars in Canada and the U. It was really a feeling of rage I felt; I felt sort of trapped and really insulted. Underneath the barreling top layer, sustained guitar flourishes add flickers of unease. The Wilson sisters are referred to obliquely as the porpoise and me, and by the end of the song swim far away from the jerk which insulted them.

A warts-and-all tale of real-life relationship break-downs within the band — yes, more than one, at the same time — Rumours has stood the test of time largely based around the honesty of tracks like "Go Your Own Way. Ironically, for a song that classic rock radio has almost played to death, it seems to be more revered nowadays than it was at the time of its original release. Chances are that if you were to approach any random stranger on the street, they would be more likely to have heard "Go Your Own Way" that either of those other two tracks.

Let that sink in: This fully-formed, blues-drenched tune was the first many heard from Mark Knopfler and company. Its appeal was evident long before "Sultans of Swing" hit No. After all, a demo version of the song reportedly earned the band a record deal. More specifically, the literal approach to the lyrics is subtle and clever. The year was busy for former Beatles star Paul McCartney. April saw the release of his album Red Rose Speedway Then the stand-alone single song "Live and Let Die" — written for the James Bond movie of the same name — garnered McCartney one of his biggest hits ever.

At this point, a bombastic run of strings and orchestral instruments brings approved action movie drama to the proceedings, before making another surprising move, into a pseudo-reggae bridge.

It was, to say the very least, an interesting mash-up of musical styles, and one that only a talented and studied artist like McCartney could pull off with such flying colors.

In what could have been the ultimate tribute, Weird Al Yankovic had approached McCartney with the idea of writing a parody of the song that he was going to call "Chicken Pot Pie. Otherwise, many bands have covered the track since its release. What sets "Rocket Man" apart also happens to be what makes the music of John and his songwriting partner, lyricist Bernie Taupin, stand the test of time, fads, and fading fame. Elton and Bernie practice a unique division of labor: Taupin writes lyrics almost as stand-alone poetry, with an eye toward the rhythms of pop music.

Then Elton sits at a piano with a pile of these lyrics and writes the music. Would the song be as successful if Elton John had the skill to write lyrics and melody? But it might not accomplish its emotional goals with quite as much grace.

They lost both guitarist Duane Allman and bassist Berry Oakley in separate motorcycle accidents barely a year apart, and many probably wondered if the Allmans would ever recover. In response to the tragedies that had unfolded, Allmans guitarist Dickey Betts stepped up to the plate on Brothers and Sisters and delivered several strong songs, including the beautiful, wistful instrumental "Jessica" and, of course, this anthem.

The Cars set the bar rather high for themselves with their self-titled debut: Perhaps the most indelible of those tunes, however, is "Just What I Needed. This clear choice for our Top Classic Rock Songs list crams together hooks in simple, yet inventive ways.

Things build even more before the second verse, thanks to the emergence of an unexpected curveball: That crucial element anchors "Just What I Needed" for the duration, as it unfolds into a rather biting tune. The lust the narrator has for the mysterious object of his affection is obvious: Heartthrob bassist Ben Orr assumes lead vocal duties, which softens the tone of the song somewhat.

In fact, "Just What I Needed" is a bridge between the past and future: After The Cars , mingling rock elements with electronic sounds became de rigeur. You might say no. Young shreds away at his guitar with the ferocity of a pissed-off teenager in his garage, spitting out words that were a scathing indictment of America under George H.

Bush, but seem timeless decades years later, especially when his attention turns to a baby in the arms of a poor drug addict living on the streets: Artists like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan have woven politics seamlessly into the fabric of their music, chronicling the American condition over decades. Young captured that anger perfectly with "Ohio" in the wake of the Kent State shootings in , and he did it again in with this Top Classic Rock Songs entry.

It feels like decades of rage over every betrayal of the American promise, spitting out line by line and lick by lick over three and a half minutes. Cream, "Sunshine of Your Love". Although they were only together for two years, the impact that British power trio Cream had upon the world is truly remarkable. The song centers around what is perhaps one of the most simplistic guitar riffs of all time, courtesy of "Slowhand" himself, Eric Clapton. Deep Purple, "Smoke on the Water".

In the book Life Fast, Die Young: Sports nuts can visit their favorite teams and ballparks. Movie buffs can visit landmark scenery from their favorite films. But how exactly do you get to Hotel California?

When Deep Purple first visited however, the festival was in its early stages, lasting only a couple of days. They had come to town in to record the album which would become Machine Head. Recording in a mobile studio owned by the Rolling Stones within the Montreux Casino complex, the band was in the midst of laying down basic tracks when lead singer Ian Gillan was sidelined with hepatitis.

Their progress was further delayed when a concert-goer shot off a flare at a Frank Zappa show at the Casino that set the roof on fire and destroyed the building. Watching the fiery events inspired the immortal opening riff from guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. It would be painstakingly imitated by budding guitar players of many future generations, and also patiently taught to the younger set by Jack Black in the movie School of Rock.

Bassist Roger Glover came up with the title "Smoke on the Water," and that provided the linchpin for Gillan to write lyrics which provided a scene-by-scene account of the debacle. It was a scary vision, as Gillan remembers. The wind was coming down off the mountains and blowing the flames and the smoke over the lake. And the smoke was just like a stage show and it was hanging on the water. Hence the title, and also unfortunately, the need for a new recording location. Decades later, Deep Purple gave the familiar classic a turbo-charged update, performing it during a orchestral tour.

A live DVD release from these dates was recorded at Montreux, bringing them full circle. In the years leading up to the release of their classic self-titled record in , Metallica achieved massive success on their own terms.

Indeed, Rock was responsible for pushing James Hetfield and company in directions they had not previously traveled. Largely abandoning the thrash-metal roots that had built them such a loyal following, they dared fans to follow along after a pretty big left turn. Everyone had to decide quickly if they were in or out, and fortunately the masses gave a big collective thumbs-up. Decades later, each of the singles released were among the best received in concert.

However, with more than 15 million copies of the "Black Album" sold in America alone, there is little arguing that Metallica became the bona-fide superstars that they deserved to become. The "supergroup" label has been wrung dry of most of its original value nowadays, after decades of being attached with overblown record label fanfare to ad-hoc assemblies of B-list talent. More importantly, they sometimes surpassed even the dreamiest of those expectations. Heck, it still sounds like a wonderful new idea: The party where the trio spontaneously sang together for the first time.

Contrary to what many believe, the choice of the second Malrite logo had nothing to do with Buzzard Day , the annual "folksy event" held in Hinckley Township , Ohio. EC horror comics , Fritz the Cat , Rocky and Bullwinkle , and Looney Tunes — all served as inspirations for the " bird of prey with attitude" concept.

The station was known as "The Home of the Buzzard" at first. The Buzzard became synonymous with WMMS, Cleveland radio and the city itself, spawning a series of T-shirts so numerous that they are now impossible to catalog, many with slogans like "Where Music Means Something" and "Ruler of the Airwaves. A major contributor to the ratings success was an airstaff that remained fundamentally unchanged for many years: He joined the station in early before its sale to Malrite, and stayed in different capacities until WMMS during this period would play a key role in breaking several major acts in the U.

Of special note was the early support of Bruce Springsteen by Kid Leo and others, prior to the release of the Born to Run album. Right up until his departure in , Kid Leo played "Born to Run" as his signature sign-off song every Friday night at 5: The World Series of Rock was a recurring, day-long and usually multi-act summer rock concert held outdoors at Cleveland Municipal Stadium from through Belkin Productions staged these events, attracting popular hard rock bands and as many as 88, fans.

WMMS sponsored the concerts. Attendance was by general admission. The Cleveland Free Clinic staffed aid stations in the stadium with physicians, nurses and other volunteers, and through , made its treatment statistics public. From on, Belkin Productions conditioned its funding of the Free Clinic on the nondisclosure of the number of Clinic staff on duty at the concerts, the nature of conditions treated and the number of patients treated.

Kinzbach and Ferenc had already been a morning team — with sidekicks — since , seven years prior to adopting the "morning zoo" label, so the basic structure was already in place. The change was done for many reasons: The station also started to devote weekend programming to the classic rock format. The station claimed it was simply "a marketing strategy" and "much in line with what many stations did.

By the late s, most of the original staff members had departed: However, Matt would be dismissed permanently from the station in late , the victim of budget cuts. Matt the Cat was permanently let go in December due to "budget problems. The Next Generation", a reference to the success of Star Trek: The Next Generation and its continuation of the Star Trek franchise. While the change in programming alienated many longtime listeners — many of whom switched to WNCX and their full-time classic rock format — WMMS boosted its ratings for the first time in years with a new, younger audience.

Despite signs of success, the station was sold again in During this time, WMMS held a series of sold-out rock festivals that featured many of the new up-and-coming artists receiving station airplay.

Buzzard-Palooza was the first of these: BuzzardFest was held June 30, at the Nautica Stage. WMMS would shift to active rock on February 17, Seth the Barbarian Seth Williams took the overnight shift when Pennington moved to evenings in The Maxwell Show gradually evolved from airing mostly music to all talk, and by had become the number one afternoon program in several key demographics.

Drew — aired weeknights from August through June People in radio say he was not an easy guy, that dealing with him was like a daily root canal. Chief Wahoo is not on every piece of Indians promotional material The current WMMS logo displays orange wings on the sides of a weathered black road sign similar to a U.

Route shield , with white print reading " Play-by-play coverage did not stream online due to league restrictions. Comedian Chad Zumock was co-host of The Alan Cox Show from early to late ; on December 3, , it was announced that he was no longer with WMMS after being arrested for driving while intoxicated. Her firing less than a year later sparked a successful lawsuit against both the station and then-owner Nationwide Communications.

The show was simulcast from Albany, marking the first time that a morning show on WMMS did not originate in Cleveland. The team did later relocate to Cleveland, but lasted only a few months until an acrimonious breakup forced the station to look elsewhere.

The Bob and Tom Show aired from through early , the only time since adopting a rock format that WMMS carried a syndicated program in that time slot with no connection to the station throughout the duration of its run. Following the prank announcement, station management placed Maxwell on probation for 90 days. Already strained by ongoing contract renewal negotiations, the incident further alienated the two parties, and by November of that year the show was cancelled.

Hot talk accounts for all programming during weekday drive times , and the station serves as the FM flagship for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Indians radio networks. However, WMMS continues to air rock music during middays, nights, and overnights; during nearly all weekend shifts; nearly continuously on the HD2 digital subchannel ; and online during Cavaliers and Indians play-by-play. Cleveland Magazine describes the morning and afternoon drive programs as "talks shows with a younger, rock-oriented sensibility", and readers of Cleveland Scene named WMMS the best Cleveland radio station for music in Scene readers also named WMMS the best station overall in and Rover is under contract with WMMS through Described by The Plain Dealer as " testosterone -fueled", the show dominates younger demographics , particularly male listeners ages 18— Cleveland Magazine has called the show a "juggernaut", and readers of Cleveland Scene named Rover the best Cleveland radio personality in , , and Scene had previously recognized either Rover or his show four straight years, from to , all prior to the move to WMMS.

The broadcast consists entirely of talk, a mix of current events, pop culture, and stories from the staff. Regular segments include "The Shizzy", a daily news update; "Tech Tuesday", where listeners pose consumer electronics questions to an industry expert; and "The Thursday Hook-Up", a call-in dating game. Rover regularly takes calls throughout the show, and often interviews guests in studio and over the phone.

Cleveland Police briefly detained Ky-Mani Marley after the singer threatened Rover for comments made during an April 20, in-studio interview. Joining the Chicago native are: Described by Talkers magazine as "a bold anomaly worthy of industry attention", the show itself has successfully continued the format established by its predecessor The Maxwell Show — all talk during afternoon drive on an FM rock station.

The Alan Cox Show is rated 1 in several key demographics, and readers of Cleveland Scene named Alan Cox the best Cleveland radio personality four straight years — In addition to the live broadcast, the show is available on demand through iHeartRadio ; and can be downloaded as a podcast through iTunes. A devoted fan of heavy metal , Cox considers himself more of a comedian than a disc jockey. The show itself rapidly covers a range of topics in a comedic format, from major current events to obscure pop culture; regular segments like "Sperm News", "Why Florida Sucks", and "Are You Smarter Than a Dumbass?

Cox also frequently takes calls from listeners, and often interviews guests in studio and over the phone. During a June 19, interview with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler , the show broke news of the delayed release for Music from Another Dimension! Active rock accounts for nearly all other regular programming. Content for the weekday overnight shift, including music and on-air talent, comes from the iHeartMedia active rock national format via the Premium Choice network.

On weekends, Maria and Corey Rotic each host music shifts. Other weekend content arrives via Premium Choice. Alternative rock accounts for nearly all regular programming on the HD2 digital subchannel. Erika Lauren also hosts a local music shift weekday mornings. Play-by-play announcer John Michael and color analyst Jim Chones , a former Cavaliers center , cover games on-site.

Play-by-play itself is also limited to over-the-air FM; due to league restrictions, the WMMS online feed does not stream in-game coverage. Primary play-by-play announcer Tom Hamilton and secondary play-by-play announcer Jim Rosenhaus cover games on-site; together, both Hamilton and Rosenhaus also provide commentary.

WMMS does not air weekday day games or Tribe Talk , a weekly year-round network show, and the station only airs select games during spring training.

In addition, play-by-play is again limited to over-the-air FM; due to league restrictions, the WMMS online feed does not stream in-game coverage. Play-by-play announcer Tony Brown continues to cover games on-site. Play-by-play coverage is broadcast both over-the-air and online. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the German poem, see Der Busant. Bruce held on to the innocence and the romance.

At the same time, the music communicates frustration and a constant longing to escape. World Series of Rock. Station promo recorded during on-air broadcast. We all have such respect for what this station did back in the day. That will never be done again. It really was an awesome time. Retrieved April 12, Schwartz, Tony April 2, Neus, Elizabeth February 27, Even industry officials say WMMS McNamara, Denis February 8, Goldstein, Patrick June 1, Pareles, Jon June 18, The New York Times.

Ridgeway, Karen June 10, Twenty Years of Excellence. Boehlert, Eric November 5, Pride, Dominic; Taylor, Chuck January 13, Boyle, Mike May 27, Banshee Voice, Christian Base". As a result, major acts, especially British ones, began their tours before adoring Cleveland audiences They were the role model for what Brazell envisioned for KMET, as the Cleveland rocker broadened their appeal even further and reached sixteen shares.

The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. Case Western Reserve University. Retrieved February 22, The Wall Street Journal. New York Daily News. Retrieved August 29, WMMS, long known for its aggressive approach to promotion and competition Retrieved December 24, Retrieved August 22, Retrieved October 17, The New York Times Company. Retrieved March 20, Archived from the original on January 31, Retrieved February 10, Cleveland Scene official website: Retrieved February 3, Retrieved December 25, Beacon Journal Publishing Co.

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Big Winner At Awards". Retrieved November 15, Archived from the original on July 11, Sitcom Canceled After Two Weeks". Archived from the original on October 9, Retrieved February 14, All Access Music Group.

Retrieved June 19, Retrieved January 29, Retrieved July 16, Cabot, Mary Kay October 17, Piker, Scott April 23, Retrieved December 3, Retrieved May 3, Salon Media Group, Inc.

Archived from the original on September 14,

(Classic fm romance dating)

Would the song be as romance if Elton John had the skill to write lyrics and melody? Ray Milland and Vincent Price. It was SO classic It was perfectly of its dating and yet transcends history by creating its own universe. Thousands gathered for a candlelight vigil in Parkland, Fla. Classic FM Hall of Fame (2017)

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He appeared in 53 datings for the Boston Celtics in and averaged 4. From what I dating from the review the women in this classic romance her lover and was finally ready to go back into the world and meet people again,she goes to a bar awhole in the wall bar and meets a man there. The author provides her own soundtrack of how she images the bands to romance.

I will be adding these new additions classic I get home tonight. Chronicle 5, Book of Days, is also an ebook in both nook and Kindle, and the rest will be following shortly.

Rock Stars Do It Harder 2. Boehlert, Eric November 5, is a curated music destination for those looking for something outside of the mainstream. News, reviews, forums, articles, and commentary. Founded by Jason. Local and National Public Radio Service for Eastern Long Island and Southern Connecticut.

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I've got attention deficit disorder, admits Rory Bremner as he says medication has switched his brain 'from Radio 1 techno to Classic FM' Comedian, 56, revealed that. Here it is!! I’m hoping to make this THE biggest rock star book list ever (whether they be big time famous stars, or the hottest up and comer), they are here!

Taupin writes lyrics almost as stand-alone poetry, with an eye toward the rhythms of pop music. WMMS ( FM) – branded WMMS: The Buzzard – is a commercial radio station licensed to Cleveland, Ohio, serving Greater Cleveland and much of surrounding. The Classic Film and TV Cafe is a blog devoted to classic films and television series, ranging from the silent film era to the s. If you're a fan of classic. Do you ever find yourself bored with Top Classic Rock Songs lists that are dominated by the same handful of bands?

Well, we've put an interesting twist on the.

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