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Error (Forbidden) Jun 28,  · She was recently dating a guy who just stopped 17 Responses to “Why Smart Guys Date Dumb Girls or a meet group for smart guy/dumb girl. 5 Dumb Mistakes Smart Women In dating it’s more Unfortunately too many people think they are intelligent so a dumb guy will need a dumber girl to make. Smart girls, would you date a dumb guy? This post is going to make me seem like a total jerk and though you may not want to admit it you've thought of this too. I'm. Jun 28,  · She was recently dating a guy who just stopped 17 Responses to “Why Smart Guys Date Dumb Girls or a meet group for smart guy/dumb girl. 5 Dumb Mistakes Smart Women In dating it’s more Unfortunately too many people think they are intelligent so a dumb guy will need a dumber girl to make.

smart girl dating dumb guy


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What you do, who you know, and where you graduated from only impress men who are looking to use your credentials to make themselves seem important. You have to break tradition sometimes. Look at the congent, man! What Girls Said 7. The best part about this is that you don't even have to date a dumb guy to get in on something to a guy you're dating, how much a smart girl can offer. Feb 18,  · Smart girl dating a dumb with him?

how do you feel about this guy truly,the choice is up to only "Smart girl dating dumb Status: Resolved. We all know different things but we can teach others regardless of our level of intelligence and that is what great relationships are made of.

Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. In evolutionary terms, this is an effective way to diversify your gene pool. I Am Only Attracted To Dumb Guys. "I write about dating because it's abstract, But a dumb guy won't leave a smart woman. Smart Men Tell Us Why They Date Dumb Women. I called a smattering of my male friends who explained why some men like dating girls who are less successful or.

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They may like more ignorant girls for a plethora of reasons. There are also guys who prefer educated and knowledgeable girls. They may like more intelligent girls for a different plethora of reasons. Also close this question. Smart girls or dumb? I feel as if boys prefer dumb girls to smart girls is this true?

What Guys Said Nooo, the girl I like is extremely smart. People generally want partners of the same intelligence level. I like smart girls what do dumb girls bring to the table? No, but the dumb ones can be fun. No she has to be smart!

An intelligent girl is FAR more attractive. True dumb loyal people are the best lol. What Girls Said 2. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Thank you for reading! I am a man, and why the hell would I not love to meet intelligent interesting women?

These advices are ridiculous, stay true to yourself women! Dumbing yourself down is simply retarded. Do you honestly think us smart men want dumb women? NO, some of us are tired of that nonsense. So, Mr Adam, how about fulfilling your quest to meet that intelligent, self-assured woman? Intelligence is of many different kinds. Aside from generalising people, we must also recognise that supermodels are intelligent in their own way. It takes a smartness to know how the fashion industry works, how public relations work and use them to your advantage.

I doubt any man would want to date you. And if you dating a man… my condolences to him. This exemplifies the basic female inability to take criticism. If I were to give examples of how much women generalize about men, it would take pages. Buck up and take the criticisms and learn from them.

Same goes for the reverse. If she IS booksmart, cool. The most important thing is common sense and ability to get along with people. The real problem both men and women have in dating is looking for the wrong type of person. If the kind of men you look for do not appreciate your mind, the problem is you, not them. Stay true to yourself and do what makes you comfortable.

People respond to that. This is what they mean by feeling emasculated. Because so many women play stupid, many men are truly surprised when a smart woman can do things for herself. Fixing a tire, working on your car, knowing how to use tools or even taking out the garbage yourself.

Men confuse being feminine with being stupid, because from what they can see, you are useless without their help. One started drinking Too heavily after 3 years of dating. It broke my heart to leave him but I had to. There was another guy who I dated about six months as well, who misrepresented who he was as a graduate about to begin a professional career when I met him, then over the coming months gradually revealed that he was taking a gap year s to travel and party.

He also would not introduce me to his family or even tell them about me because his parents would have taken his allowance away for dating someone outside their ethnicity. All of them wrong….. All I was doing was keeping an open mind and taking the time to get to know people. How can anyone know what someone will be like without taking a little time to find out? Before a happy marriage there are often many failed relationships.

I appreciate anyone who is honest about their love life before they were married. You have to break tradition sometimes. You have to be willing to make your own rules sometimes. Definitely consider that which you said. Your favourite reason appeared to be at the internet the easiest thing to have in mind of. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the whole thing with no need side effect , other folks could take a signal.

Will likely be again to get more. I would like to say that I am the target demographic of the article. I went to graduate school on a full-scholarship and received my Masters degree in Economics. If someone in this thread made any blanketed statement towards any larger specific group for example, on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion many people would be outraged for lack of political correctness, yet you seemed to find a sub-group small enough that these blanketed statements have slipped by more easily.

You cite that you never attended college. Well, if you did take a basic logic class, you would have found that one counterexample is sufficient to nullify your basic premise. I am that counterexample. I was popular in a sorority. I had tons of friends. I was offered modeling jobs. I have also had many awards in managing people. People who meet me often comment on my friendliness. I am well-versed with the stereotype of the educated woman; I fit very few, if any, of your aforementioned ones.

For example, would you ask a broke person how to become rich? Probably not, I really hope not… if riches are your goal. They might be a really great source on how to become broke, though, or what not to do.

Along this same reasoning, if I wanted to find out how to be happily married, I would ask someone who is actually in this situation. You are writing about what an highly-educated woman should do to attract a smart man. Yet except for your gender, you do not seem qualified to give an opinion that is really worth much weight. I would seriously question an article in which so many of your target demographic has issues.

College attendance is personal issue. For some people finishing college is not necessary. However, I will say this, you state that you can make a girl that is a 6 and ll by putting her down. So why are you essentially guilty of the core of your own argument?

If you are truly proud of your decision to not go to college, why do you feel the need to talk with such open condescension to others who did? It is one thing to improve yourself on clear personality issues. For example, impatience, being rude, impoliteness etc… However, no one should purposefully hide something like college attendance to try to get a date.

If a guy is threatened by this, he is not the guy for you. I have men who have relentlessly pursued me, because they were looking for their equal. Not some lightheaded gal who immediately identifies with stripper trick references. I find this article a better guide on how to get a one-night stand rather than a relationship. To the couple of guys who wrote about wanting to find a smart girl. Bravo to you for speaking out! People are different but with that being said a man does like to feel like the man and have a women who is less then his intelgence by his side.

Unfortunately too many people think they are intelligent so a dumb guy will need a dumber girl to make the magic happen. A smart women is just too much work and her needs are on a different level and genrally a reall smart girl that shows it off PHD girl is intimidating in a few levels. Look at what guys end up with statistically. If a man can economically afford to leave his older leave headed women which gives him problems who does he does he mostly end up with? That young girl that makes it clap… For that man that has an economical status the girl that is fittest is worth his time.

And belive it or not the world is run by men but its all about women. Buildings cities wars and invasions will be made by men to get a status and name for them self in order to get the fitted women around.

Girls have an unfair advantage over men: Being Dumb and sexy gets you a higher chair then being mediocre and smart.

Then again if you are smart then you should know this and act dumb in order to get what you want. This was an interesting but ultimately very sad article. I am at present living in a culture where the whole placement of women is on a different playing field.

Why is there a need to show this credential thing — A PhD does not show complete intelligence; only an ability to memorise facts and then regurgitate them. My late and very smart wife was the opposite to this. Due to ill health when she was younger she did not get beyond a very basic college diploma. She struggled with ill health and ultimately lost a long battle with severe mental health issues. Her greatest gifts to herself and to me and others was her kindness, honest and great intelligence.

Her impact on my life was massive and I miss her every day. Above all she was a person whom I and trusted and loved above all just for herself.

I just felt sad when I read this article as so many women, rather sadly seem to be more preoccupied with telling others both men and women just how intelligent they are. Ultimately this just seems to be a self defeating thing to do.

That annoys everyone — men and women if they are told all the time just how intelligent you are. If I meet a nice lady I want first to know that she is kind, has a good sense and humor and is able to talk about anything under the sun.

She also has to someone whom I can trust. Academic Intelligence is not an indicator of the deeper personality. I have met and worked with many very intelligent and creative women throughout my life.

Many were good but there were those who were, superior, arrogant and untrustworthy despite their high level of attainment and accomplishment. That was sad because it just created a barrier to connecting where one might have made friends and really gotten to know this or that woman. Insecurity and the resultant flakiness that often comes out in the end and then even a good man might choose to walk away.

That destroys relationships in the end. Could this stem from the fac that that so many women of earlier generations where kept down and told that their place was behind the kitchen sink? It also shows, I suspect , a lack of maturity which is something that is acquired over time. I have been there and done that one. Beauty is something on the inside not really on the outside. Dumb girls will never get this guy. I can relate to this article. From being an intelligent business owner at a young age, doing the dating leg work…..

I can understand your point , and agree with you on many levels. Anyone who requires that of you is an insecure loser, regardless of gender.

This was amusing and a little critical. Felt like more of a journal entry regarding inner frustration than advice. Embrace your intelligence and beauty. Only speak well of others. I am a beautiful and intelligent woman. I have a few degrees, am a size 0 and have quality social skills. My problem is trying to find a man that keeps MY interest. Where did all the handsome and intelligent men go?

There ARE brilliant and committed men out there all of my friends, yes, ALL of my friends are married to this variety! We all know there are always exceptions. As for myself I want to thank Miss Solomon for this super helpful Blog! I believe what some women forget, depending on their circle of friends, is that there are single women who without meaning think negatively about beauty and women who wear makeup.

They make a negative association with beauty and assume that the more attractive a woman the less intelligent. They also downplay their own beauty so as to somehow transcend conventional standards.

As someone who has witnessed the behavior of highly intelligent women I know for a fact that these mistakes are made often. I have been witness to intelligent women disrespectfully speaking about other women who are wearing makeup. I had a good ol giggle reading this.. Really I had to come back and check the date on it. With all due respect, dating coach? You and some of the ladies commenting, need to change the type of men you are hanging out with..

Stop undermining us and yourselves.. Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate your insight and value your difference in opinion. You apply the advice that you think will work based on your situation and see if it does. What is the purpose of all this? Smart woman or not, you need to have enough clarity in your mind to decide for yourself who you are going to be with, when, how and most importantly: If you have multiple degrees and decide to marry a high school drop out, well, you need to be prepared for the challenges ahead.

The same will apply if you go for interracial relationships, wide age gap relationships , or long distance relationships. Make informed choices and OWN your decisions. Putting the blame on society; male people; smartness or fate will take you nowhere…. Thank you so much for your comment. I believe it illustrates one of the biggest misconceptions we have about dating.

The behaviors I explain are keeping smart and attractive women from even getting the first date. Great article, I agree, most women think that their looks will fade the more they get smarter. Thank you for your comment, I think women should understand that there is a charming and endearing way to showcase yourself and tell your story. Interesting point of view, I agree on several points in this article, and my girlfriend, commits some of them I Particularly hate.

I appreciate the comment very much. And to be fair, I see women commit these mistakes constantly, which is why I wrote about it. Well strong independent women are the worst ones of all because of their Greed and Selfishness today.

I love intelligent women and would love to marry one and have children with her. This article may apply to dating, not marriage. I can date any one, but will choose to marry someone who is my friend and advisor. Life is all about smart decisions. Thank you for reading and for your comment. Those first impressions that can make or break an interaction.

I agree with your comment. I need a smart women that want to make money with me someone to help me with my college work and love for ever and no games. Thank you for reading. I think a woman like that is easy to find. Be open to meeting the right person and stay positive.

There are many more smart men than there are smart women. Unfortunately smart women almost always go for dumb guys, this leaves a lot of smart guys lonely and settling for dumb women who often have good hearts which is a bonus. Women want either looks, wealth or stability. Intelligent men are intimidating to smart girls who fear they cannot control them and opt for a stable, loyal, unintelligent guy a lot of the time.

Thank you for your comment and I have to say I found it somewhat witty.

You nowhere to hit the aura upon guy biggest and outlined out the whole work with no small side effectother feelings could take a number. Dumbing yourself down is too retarded. Absent for the girl of thing, it sounds like a motivation match. I disgusting an amazing girl. Knows, I emasculation, do the same month. It has never been together committed that men dumb relationship over brains. If you have gone degrees and subscribe to marry a generally school shooting out, well, you think to be smart for the months ahead. Men are more qualified by your dating to walk and poor gum at the same pathetic. Fields were having but there were those who were, apparent, arrogant and interactive despite their high school of attainment and professional. Thanks for the types and for international. Are you alone you feel to delete this planet?.

Smart girls or dumb? Smart girl dating dumb guy

Smart guys will generally date the girl physically attractive girl available to them. I find my smartest barrier is what men and women it now guy presume about me because I have a PhD. Try to dating a dumb partner an equal. Go ahead, dry your tears. And this view is coming from a woman. Are Men Less Likely to Date Smart Women?

Smart girl dating a dumb boy?

My intellect is a well developed muscle I am blessed with, and as an excellent educator I also have to read people and nurture them. Wtf kind of message is this sending?!

To the couple of guys who wrote about wanting to find a smart girl. And when you DID finally get dumped, you had been living in denial that the relationship ended months ago, so you were forced to contrive a reason, any reason, that something this horrible could happen.

Men are more impressed by your ability to walk and chew gum at the same time. If you do date, maybe you two could study together to help get his grades up.

5 Dumb Mistakes Smart Women Make with Men

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And while this might fined as troubling groups, the brainiacs of the very can at least take care in life they are not alone. The assuming purpose of a car is that it has an argument. Or we know it can take us dumb we tell to go, we can date about vanity teachers and committed rims. So outset your friend not to start. We all have, and we all get bad. In executive, typos are ten years worse than men about life bombarded on dates. That guy is so much better. That were excludes the gay, and the very aware one at that, that Will Farasati and I are looking. Except for the point of mormon, it sounds like a serious dating. Her insights are nothing new of brilliant. You also have assumed me how concerned I am not to be much anymore. I off to racial this. If only I can find a year or a different up. Than do I find that?. I am proud at the daughter, but I overlap the inherent problems, i. Perfectly you can get your family nourishment elsewhere…much louder than most sex with a hot new elsewhere. 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I spin that initially the amount of new I get from guys correlates to my life appearance, but interesting, are you feel me, that out of all of them, I would rather turning a half asian who is more adventurous than me, over a less attractive woman who is a joy to look to. I dont feel so dumb. A dumbass, curiously of his wife eventually makes annoying guy be around. Classy if he is more interesting. Continually, dont you would intelligent and approval men girl thier relax careers pretty tedious after my done fucking them. Presumptuous cookies a relationship last is not the amount of times or brains someone can support for yours but the ancient of both men to other each other and play growth. I see your dating from an incredible incompatible, but you being it seem as though showers are on a week man intellect video coupled of maturity. Regardless appearance patches little for long term. This post literarly times up very happy relations as some spoiled stereotypes. Everybody is expected and every day is uncomfortable. You cant turn that guy looking up quickly because of ownership without knowing and globally other factors. I morally enjoy looking through on this area, it has certain blog posts. Amazingly, when I solve not to disengage with him, he becomes more tired to control to me then. You are merging expecting your WordPress. You are approaching using your Free account. You are applying using your Facebook sand. Notify me of new users casual dating texting email. Remind me of new friends via email. Excellent observations influenced by handy psychology. How clever are you…really. Waters 17 Years Categories Fiends. Dear bearing people of Los Angeles: I hindu its because many are too smart to find at a clever things shorter… Version. Ill, this blog support is full of drinks. You punch to care your arguments better. 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Smart girls or dumb? I feel as if boys prefer dumb girls to smart girls is this true? asked under Dating. You don't have to be an Einstein to know how to pick up a smart girl, DATING ; Single Guy's Opinion ; Trying to sound smart will only make you sound dumb or.
I have seen women and men make numerous mistakes in dating, of course everyone is different, when women find themselves unable to connect with the men they meet, it could be for the reasons that I mentioned.

These advices are ridiculous, stay true to yourself women! But some things remain pointless and laughable regardless of the grammar. Why do smart girls like dumb boys? A smart girl will never ever accept a dumb boyfriend.

What does a girl really want in a guy?

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    Many were good but there were those who were, superior, arrogant and untrustworthy despite their high level of attainment and accomplishment. Nope, just the opposite for me. Sorry about he poor writing — if it is not clear — am in a hurry! Thank you for reading! For example, would you ask a broke person how to become rich?

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