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Affair Survival: Tips For Dating a Married Man | HuffPost Spread the love Back in September, I wrote a blog post on how to deal with a partner who has put on the brakes – i.e. you met, things moved forward, then after a. Apr 10,  · Perhaps the best advice you can give someone about having a relationship with a married man is telling her not to even start. However, that may not . Discussion of when a guy is really sweet and attentive at the beginning of a relationship, then pulls back / withdraws emotionally. Spread the love Back in September, I wrote a blog post on how to deal with a partner who has put on the brakes – i.e. you met, things moved forward, then after a. Apr 10,  · Perhaps the best advice you can give someone about having a relationship with a married man is telling her not to even start. However, that may not .

dating unemotional guy


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So, as many men take to doing, he flaunted another female in her face to prove that he could - to hurt her.

Take, for instance, the reality TV show, Couples Therapy. America but we still chat sometimes when we meet on line.

What do guys like in a girl? What makes a guy want to date a girl versus not seeing her as “girlfriend material”? What do men want in a woman that makes them see. Why did he stop texting me? If you are asking this question, the truth is, he probably isn’t into you. These 13 rules make sure it doesn’t happen again. I still remain friends with the other guy but keeping my distance.

Whoever said that dating was fun obviously isn’t dating in today’s modern age. Let’s face it, men and women are both behaving badly, treating each other poorly.

Dating a disappearing man that reappears periodically without notice, and after rudely disappearing on you without explanation, is certainly an experience that many. Feb 12,  · The ENTJ loves a good challenge. They tend to see life as one great competition—there is much to do and much to be conquered—and romance is . Androgynous. Yes, it does not look good. I am of the school of belief which says a guy must totally want to be your boyfriend right at the beginning, for the.

But this week something happened. We were intimate when we were dating previously. So English is not my first language and my definition of "sweet" would be supportive, positive and happy without expecting anything in return. I had no idea she was at her limit.

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This time of year is always hard for me, and the "anniversary" of the breakdown of the thing with coworker weighs on my mind. What absolutely blows my mind is that he has been refusing to respond to my communications on the project, which is solely work-related and usually by email. My boss put CW on this project without asking me, assuming that we are good buddies.

Anyway, hope all is well with the ladies, and that is a fresh start. Guilt over the situation may be hindering him from "facing you": So nice to hear from you. He just may be having the same "anniversary" thoughts as you -- look at how many stories women share here of a DMs reappearance yearly intervals -- I believe Ms. Mirror has one that comes back EACH year lol. If no, you need to figure out why.

NEVER let him see you sweat; keep a smile on your face even if you have to fake it ; and keep your responses and actions all business. No matter what he says, keep it business. Work relationships can get terribly ugly when they turn sour -- you missed a bullet my dear. Do you think they reminiscence like women do? Anonymous Dec 2, 1: Certain times of the year evoke specific emotional responses and memories in individuals, as does music, scents and smells, etc. Hi Mirror, Thanks for all the great articles!!

I have a question Do I respond with something very short to that one email that he sent? Thanks in advance, Mary. Men that are genuinely interested seek the woman they desire out. But if you do that, you have to realize that you put yourself at risk of being ignored entirely, or worse yet, being used and then watching him disappear weeks from now again anyway. And I see no reason to wish for that.

A man who genuinely cares I have seen my brother treat women terribly the ones hes not interested in! Dear Mirror, Thanks so much for your fast reply!!!! It helps me to stay quiet. I find it hard to understand how someone can proclaim his love for me and then in the next moment, he suddenly disappears. Well, this time the disappearing also has to do with the fact that I stopped having sex with him I guess I had hoped that he would return this time because he realized that he truly did love me and that he wanted more than just sex So far, he has always returned but it has never been this long..

I keep reading the parts where you say that the male is supposed to chase and not the female. I know he was surprised some time ago when I stopped initiating contact and that I no longer called him crying and begging. Thanks again for this great website and all the advice that you offer, I never could have done this NC of 71 days and counting without all the articles and comments here: But acting like a boob is one thing.

Being downright ignorant is another. And remember, just like in the vampire movies and in True Blood - evil has to be "invited" in dear. Like, the guy that takes weeks to contact is more into you than if he took months to do so? Hi Mirror and everybody, well, I promised you an update about the dance trainer but nothing has hapenned.

I have thought about the whole thing again and with the benefit of hindsight I guess I must have been misled by him all the time.

I must have fallen for his charm and stopped thinking with my brain in his presence LOL. I know, it was nothing serious, we have only been on two dates. On the other hand, the dates were several hours long and successful and I was sooo attracted to him and we had been corresponding for weeks before so I quite miss him - or rather - my illusion of him.

As you suggested I waited the same amount of time and sent him an e-mail similar to his icluding my phone number in brackets. Before I sent it I had been stalking him a bit I know From my previous stalking I know he corresponded only with me, at least from the address I knew. I would like to conclude with something cheerful but the only words that come to my mind at this point are: Be cautious and always look after you because some of these men are really Anonymous Dec 5, 2: Dear mirror, I am in my fifties and have been single for 7 years.

I am ready for a permanent relationship with someone and it is what I desire for myself, with the right person. A few weeks ago, the ex came over to do some things to my house that he had promised to do, as I had done a favor for him a month before. When I went to hug him at the end of the evening, he kissed me, passionately. Fast forward 2 weeks, I am still seeing him, but there is no sexual contact.

He is taking me out for nice dinners, helps me get a christmas tree and put it up, watches a movie with me, mentions he ordered me some new panties he saw mine as I bent over and thought I needed new ones , says "love ya" in a text, and calls me, babe.

I am seeing other people, too, but I never mention it. Finally, it gets to a head because he keeps mentioning sex and I told him I was not going back to the way we were I asked him what were his intentions and he states nothing I am the one who called him about fixing stuff at my house. I said yes, but you are sending me signals that you want to keep seeing me and offering to do this and that for me He denies that he was sending signals, but states he does love me but nothing has changed about getting married right now, until he feels financially ready.

Otherwise he would get married and it would be to me. I told him I was seeing other ppl and he implied that I just want to "get married to anybody, as long as I get married". That is not true I want to be with him but I told him that I feel a man with good intentions would not leave a girl hanging that he loved, but would rather make her feel secure In their relationship.

He said he hoped to be better off financially by next year, but still made no real commitment or date. Just stated that "Christmas sure went down the tubes fast". What do you make of all of this mirror? Why does he continue to wine and dine me He knows by now what I expect. We have been through this same scenario at least two other times since we broke up and it always ends with me saying basically ,"see ya". Hopeful, "why did he behave like that? In my opinion, it amounts to shooting yourself in the foot.

Because to me, this comes across as a battle of wills - for power and control. Again, this completely boggles my mind - but way too many men are more than happy to take the feminine, submissive stance when dating nowadays, instead of being a man, grabbing the bull by the horns and taking the lead. Masculine energy is leading, feminine energy is submissive - period, case closed. Because once again, genuinely interested men, and men that are gentlemen, are more than comfortable being the men they are, slipping into their God given lead role, and going after that which they desire.

And the one who should take the lead, is the male. No woman should have to grovel for a date. As usual, you hit the nail on the head.

The only thing I can do is forget him as soon as possible. Why on earth are these players so attractive at least to me? And I am certainly not going to. And you are right that disappearance is very helpful in terms of confusing the other party. We women are quite used to disappearing men but men, especially players I will read your reply repeatedly so that it sinks in.

Have a nice Sunday, the other ladies too, Hopeful: Mirror, I must tell you something else. With this man - I liked him and I believe I was in my most feminine energy I am capable of. Still, this power struggle is here again. Do you sense I am to blame here too? But we have have been knowing each other and talking to each other for a total of 2 years, since our break up.

I am not against being engaged for a year and told him so. Is there a better way to handle this than what I have been doing? I absolutely love this man. Some have suggested he knows it, too.

Sorry mirror anon 9: I keep forgetting important info You might say the best way to handle this is no contact. Then he contacted me end of august. We then talked back and forth since sept. Maybe meet for a drink 3 times, until recently We have seen each other regularly since nov Hopeful, Ive had the same issue you have in the past Id like to hear what the cause could be as well.

Ive been wined and dined and then the power struggles Mirror, This is Shelby. I met a man online whom lives four hours from me, of which I was fond of…..

However, he wanted to talk for an hour plus nightly and it was draining me. Additionally beyond being drained I was concerned that we were building a false security because the phone calls were so extensive and so often; ….

So I finally leveled with him and was just honest. And I said look, I like you a lot. But I am a bit concerned that we are creating a false sense of a relationship. I want there to be balance. We need to have a real date. So he agreed with me; and talked about me coming there for dinner. You can come here. Or you can purchase me a plane ticket and an overnight room at a hotel; and I will come there.

So he opted to buy me a ticket. We go to dinner. He reaches out for my hand and holds my hand for nearly the entire evening. Dinner, drinks and music, lasted for roughly five hours.

It was a nice night. But I was feeling like — hmmm he likes me. I could tell by the way he looked into my eyes. At the end of the evening he drove me to the hotel. When we parked he kissed my hand and walked me inside. He hugged me and said good night. Because I feel that if a man wants to see me. Most of the time Mirror at the end of a date. If a man has taken to me and likes me, they will send me a text immediately after they leave.

I thought uh oh!!!! But I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. It was midnight when he dropped me off. So I left well enough alone and fell asleep thinking he would surely call me in the morning to ask to take me to breakfast or at least secure a time with me to take me to the airport. But morning came and there was nothing but crickets. My flight left at 1pm and began boarding at I began to panic!! Because I knew my plane boarded in 2.

I was feeling basically stranded and abandoned. Are you going to come pick me up or do I need to get a cab? But then I thought better of it…. So mirror, I took charge and responsibility for my own self and I called Uber. I was in the Uber vehicle about 10 minutes into the 45 min drive to the airport and I get a text from him that says, Good morning. So I write back and I say, good morning.

And he writes back and says what time is your flight. So I write back and say it boards at So I wrote back and said: That would have been nice.

So then he calls! And I answer the phone. I waited till 10am. And because of that I wanted to give myself at least two hours give or take for delays. I guess you will be at the airport for a while then. And then I thanked him for the hotel room and told him it was comfortable and I was sorry that I would miss him. When I finally made it home, I sent him a message that said. Thank you for making it possible for us to see each other.

Glad you made it back safe. Sorry you felt like you had to resort to Uber. It was great meeting you and spending time together. Hope the rest of the weekend is fun. Or do I leave well enough alone. Part of me feels like I need to make known my interest and take part responsibility for the misunderstanding. What do you think? As if some men deliberately want to hurt my feelings for something But as women, we tend to project things like this "internally" - while men tend to do the exact opposite, and project "externally.

And with men, when things go haywire, many tend to do the exact opposite and shift blame. Not all, but many of the types of men we discuss here do this. And men in general are just wired differently to begin with, the male brain versus the female brain.

The male mind will seek solutions outside of themselves, while the female mind tends to punish itself. And instead, just accept that this individual exhibits self-defeating behavior that hinders their own success, and that they permit things like pride, ego and control to stand in the way of fulfilling their natural gender role assigned by Mother Nature.

Trust me ladies, a guy who exhibits signs of needing control, needing to be on top and needing to force you underneath them into the position of groveling for dates and crumbs of attention - is NOT the type of man you want to be dating anyway. When dating, you win some and you lose some. Instead, they are things a gentleman is willing to set aside to achieve success. Gentlemen are now indeed very rare creatures, almost like a dying breed.

And unfortunately, that is all entirely out of our control. I think you deserve far more than that and are worth far more than that. However, the bottom line is, you need to ask yourself the same questions to yourself i.

Am I worth much more than this and if the answer is yes then you need to move on and find someone else who can give you what you deserve and wants the same thing as you ultimately. Hi Ms Mirror, Thanks for clarifying if men have anniversary moments I am a white woman, and his explanation of women of color loving themselves is just as I have viewed you growing up as a child and now into adulthood. Mirror says, we win some, we lose some; and I know it seems there are so many losers out there and it is frustrating.

The reality is, if we look around society as a whole, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy and aware individuals are not part of the pack sadly. But if we keep to our course, we will cross paths and maybe more with them my dear -- I do believe. Hi Mirror and anonymous, thanks for your comments. Yoe are right, when I read what you wrote I perfectly understand.

He used to be a successful dancer, world master actually. Since he ended his professional career he has been working as a trainer. Also successful, but not a star anymore. His son is now in the limelight. So yes, he is definitely fighting with himself to accept an inferior position in life and must have ego, dominance issues etc. Exactly as you wrote. Thank you for your encouragement, it helps so much I dunno, that just seems a bit irresponsible to me, and places a lot of undue anxiety and pressure onto you, which seems a bit careless and thoughtless to me.

Give this a bit of time. Be patient and see if he reaches out in a couple weeks. Had he been really interested during the date, it might make more sense to touch base with him. Anonymous Dec 7, 3: Most men know within the first year if a woman is someone they could spend their life with or not.

Unlike women, who "feel" during times of togetherness, men tend to "feel" and experience their emotions during times of absence. He just has to keep talking and stringing things along to get his way. Thank you mirror for your reply. I wrote here a while ago to ask about what I should do, which prompted me to break up with him early thi past summer. We were just beyond a year going out, but I could see the handwriting on the wall.

Although there was talk of a future and marriage, there were no concrete plans. I chose to break it off, rather than have life pass me by. It was a good decision. Wish I had this advice in August. I have never stopped loving him, but I was moving on I wish I had written sooner I thought because he contacted me, it was a green light to move forward and date again. This will be the 3rd time now I am leaving the scene, in 2 months. I just wanted to make him a bit jealous It was immature, I know. I have decided that I am worth the ring, before the goods this next time around, if there should be one.

I found your sight in about a guy I had been seeing for 2 months. Then, with your advice, I end up in a year and a half relationship with the next one. I guess I know just enough to get the guy half-committed now. Maybe third time is a charm Anonymous Dec 10, 9: But if you stay, it WILL toughen you up. Actions such as regular contact, regular requests for dates, consistent follow through, etc. Because these guys will disappear after dates as well, not just texts.

It will be interpreted by him as you being "desperate" for male attention, and he may be inclined to string you along and take advantage of that get you into bed before disappearing again.

And yea, once some of them speak to you, they disappear. And yea, once you go on a date, some may disappear. And yea, once you have sex with them, they may disappear. And yea, if you date them for two months, they may disappear.

But the reality is that the same exact thing can happen in the real world too, not just the virtual one. Fall back on your personal coping skills and stay focused on the positive. Who cares what some turd on the Internet thinks of you? Your worth does NOT come from a man. Because men like a challenge. They are geared towards competition and challenges excite them. The way to turn it around is to become scarce to them.

Hence the old saying, "play hard to get. And men equate longing with love. To them, longing for someone triggers "feelings" in them. Turn it around by taking at least 30 minutes to respond to texts. If you present yourself as "in demand" and "scarce" - they become intrigued and curious and want more of you.

Instead, pace things out, build excitement, build anticipation and make them work for it a bit. This excites them - so give them something to be excited about ;-. However, having learned a thing or two myself about disappearing men with my work here over the last two years, seeing no "happily ever after" endings after thousands of stories shared Anonymous Dec 10 9: I had to take my mother to the local hospital for tests right smack dab in middle of day.

I spent 3 hrs in AM sitting in the RMV with my son, waiting, chatting, supporting him, and in the end, it was a success and I felt so happy that I was able to help him, thus I was feeling great.

As I was getting ready for the day, I wondered if I would see 46 while at hospital I just had a feeling, but tossed it aside. Well, I had decided not to let my mother take away my lift from the morning with my son, and while walking down several hallways at the hospital, we come to where we have to take an elevator downstairs. As we approach, two men are conversing as they exit a surgery recovery room. One is in a tie, the other is wearing surgical garb -- and I know them both.

I steal a look at Well, 46 catches me looking at him. We lock eyes for a second. I grin as I realize it IS him, and it hits him who I am. He becomes a little flustered and starts jabbering something about the motorcycle. I forgot about 46 standing in the hallway. I wanted our seeing each other to be another fleeting moment of our paths crossing unexpectedly. And I wanted to be the one to depart because I had things to do.

I left 46 at that elevator door with an opportunity to think later if only for a second about our crossing paths again. Like I said, 2 is such a teenage girl, there is no way he will be able to keep from younger bro any inquiry 46 makes of me. A year ago, I probably would have made every attempt to chat with these guys while it was convenient for them, and them walking away when they had to, thus my value not being very high in their view. As Chk says, Onward and Upward!

Thanks for the link to Mark Gungor. I enjoyed the video "sex is what men want from women". He is funny yet he is speaking within a marital Christian? This is how I was raised by my Catholic parents yet I was born in and my how the world has changed! Premarital sex is the norm and there is no shame about it, and as long as men can get the milk for free, they will.

Mirror has discussed that ad nauseum here, and of course, she is spot on! So all things considered, with no interesting men on the horizon I have been laying low, this time of year and the shorter, gloomy gray days definitely affect my energy.

Curiosity killed the cat, and I threw caution to the wind. It was interesting to meet his friends and family and despite the somewhat odd circumstances, I had a good time. There was a woman there he had dated for the last couple of months and they had just broken up her friend who was in attendance who strangely enough recognized me from years ago and she told me, I just acted like I knew nothing about him. Yet neither he or his newly former girlfriend seemed terribly uncomfortable or upset so I could not figure out who dumped who?

As she was leaving I witnessed them hugging each other, a longish hug. So clearly, he WAS surrounding himself with all kinds of exes, including me and his ex-wife! I felt a bit let down for a day or two but I think in retrospect, attending the party was a good thing. He likes me enough but does not view me as a romantic partner, I believe mostly because I am several years older. Also, I have made progress with him in that I have stopped initiating any contact since early July, and I have no desire to initiate contact with him at this point.

I have not heard from him since the party. BTW, I just realized I used the wrong word. I meant to say "resigned" about finding a partner but am trying to be sanguine about it! Also, on the man front, there are currently two guys pursuing me but I am not interested in either of them, other than as friends.

One is 13 years older, too much of an age difference! The other I am just not attracted to. I am still lurking around on an online dating site but not actively participating. There are a couple of vaguely interesting men on there but the whole process of meeting strangers from the internet is daunting. And as I battle a mild case of SAD seasonal affective depression I would rather lie around with my laptop than meet a stranger from an online dating site.

Tonight I was considering going to a opening reception at a gallery if I can drag myself off of my bed! Mirror, thanks for all the work you do here. I just copied and pasted some of this to my mother, as I feel she is in an unhealthy relationship.

She actually acknowledged these things "have some merit". Which, for those of us who have been coming here for some time, already know that Anyway, I do have a question I will have my third date with a gentleman next week. We meet at a local hotel Marriott where there is dancing with a band , dinner and a free bar for one hour.

He has already had me to his house for dinner so he seems comfortable being that intimate with me where he cooked dinner for me on the grill. Not even so much as a passions kiss, yet Thanks for any advice.. Wanting to forget the disappeared dance trainer as soon as possible I promptly put a new advert on the dating site and got a few replies. He called me, we chatted and I was quite glad that somebody was there for me.

He asked me how many men had replied to my ad and when I gave him the number he said enthusiastically that I had picked him. A few days later he phoned again to arrange our date but I was ill with bronchitis so we postponed it. Today I got a text saying that he has been thinking of me! Nice, but when I read it it made me feel suffocated.

The phone conversations must have made him fantasize about me but the woman he is fantasizing about is not me. And that is unpleasant. He sounds genuine by the way. I just want to say that when we women pursue men they might be feeling the same as I am now, which is not good LOL. This man sounds as we were in relationship already. What would you do? Should I force myself to meet him?

If he likes me, it will hurt him even more when I refuse him which I already do. Thanks again for all your support.: Anonymous Dec 12, Not to mention, this will be a festive atmosphere that most likely includes alcohol.

Hopeful, "What would you do? I would meet him, because you never know. He might surprise you. When a man treats you right, he can grow on you - and you can grow to care for him as a result: Again, this is work. No one ever said finding a lifelong mate would be easy, or that making huge life changes would be easy either. So when these things happen, you need to give people the same respect that you wish others to give you. Dear mirror, I completely agree with all of your viewpoints, I find them very similar to what I believe in and also reinforced some of my beliefs.

I met this wonderful guy around the end of October, and we talked for almost a month before he asked me out. We had an amazing first date , he was the perfect gentlemen -- he insisted on paying for everything, he picked me up and dropped me off, opened doors and EVEN put on my jacket for me.

I saw him again 2 days later because he texted me the night b4 when I drunk and I told me I wanted to see him, and the next day he asked me if I still wanted to see him. So that night after we had dinner, he brought me to a building that he currently is remodeling he does real estate redevelopment and we kissed on the terrace, under the stars!!!!

I saw him again 2 nights after because I was gonna go on vacation for 1 week so I wanted to see him before I leave. He came over, and I was really turned on so I asked him if he wanted to have sex my mistake -- but wait for it And we talked that night. He was the perfect gentleman, and a man of his words When he says he will text or call me later, he always does!

Please help me understand this, I have already given up on him calling, but I just want to understand. Yes, he has told me he loved me, asked for the commitment, and asked to be exclusive Anonymous, Well given the time frame of only two months, this seems too soon for a man to request a commitment.

It usually takes men about 6 months to start experiencing deep, deep feelings for a woman. Sometimes you can expect that to begin around months, but at 2 months - for all of that, it seems way too soon. Read the section at the top of this article "he asks for a commitment too soon.

Be the bigger person here and if he wants to act like a fool, then let him. So whatever he throws at you, you think before you answer. Stay calm and take 5 or 6 seconds for yourself before responding.

The less emotional you are angry, frustrated, etc. Sounds like European men know how to treat a lady like a lady. Hi Mirror of Aphrodite, For one, you are impecable in your romantic advice.

For two, I am in dire need of it. I have been dating this guy for 3 months. We made out, snuggled etc. After 3 months, I felt that I wanted to step up in our courting and hinted at going over to his place for a cooking date.

He took the bate and invited me. Fast forward, after the meal we were snuggling and kissing on the sofa. All of a sudden he got up and sat as far away from me as possible and began to meditate to me it looked like he was falling asleep.

Bewildered I sat on the sofa for 5 minutes alone while he was not saying anything to me. So 15 minutes stranded alone in his apartment I left with his final words of "Your missing out on something good". Like you always say, I was firm and did not reply. What game is this guy playing? Does he deserve another chance. I and my girlfriends have encountered men like this. Instead, the run from it, make excuses not to be in intimate situations and delay having sex abnormally long periods of time.

Even though it may never happen. When a man avoids intimate i. And as a result, he will make excuses and avoid intimate moments at all costs. Because those issues can be both sexual and emotional in nature.

Men that have no sexual issues can have emotional issues. My gut told me it was intimacy issues as I can see his is guarded and attempts to play the cool nonchalant guy which sometimes just comes off douche. Honey thanks you for the prompt reply: Dear Mirror Of Aphrodite, I have this problem. You see, Me and my boyfriend have been in a relationship for 10 months now in a long distance relationship. Many said that it is a good thing.

Well it is hard to keep a long distance relationship. I dont know for what reasons. We constantly chat on Facebook and whenever I posted something on his wall, he will only like it. When other girls posted something on his wall, he like and commented on it. I feel less important. I ever asked him why he never talks about me to his friends. He said " I did but only a few. Just not everyone cause I dont want anyone stealing you away from me". I dont know whether this is something I should get worked up about.

Is it me or what? Please do help me Miss. I really do want to work this out. Email me if you can. Anonymous, Personally, I think he may have a girlfriend possibly. You refer to this as a relationship, however, is it really? I mean, did he ask you for a commitment? Does he tell you he loves you? Did he ask you to date him exclusively? If it was meant to be, it will be. Hi MOA, I am going through a very difficult time with my guy right now and would love your insight. I initially met him in January We clicked and had a great time right away, and things were off to a good start.

End of Feb On our last date, he suggested that I go over to his place and he would cook dinner for us. His place is 45 mins away from mine. After the meal, we made out a bit for the very first time - only got to 2nd base while i kept all my clothes on and he suggested that I stayed the night - and even offered me his spare room. I asked if he could drive me home, and he said no but offered to call a cab and paid for the cab instead. Later on - a year later - he explained it was because he had drunk a lot of wine at that point Early Mar We subsequently then went onto meet other people - and separately went into year-long relationships with other people.

Continuing on Fast track to July I texted him while I had a separate BF to ask him if I could set him up with a girl friend of mine. He said yes, so I arranged lunch for the two of them to meet. When I showed up, I was surprised that he had become a lot fitter and lot better. My reply to him was that I had a BF then and that we should just stay friends. I broke up with my then-BF and called this guy up to catch up.

He was so eager to hear from me, and arranged to meet right away. I mentioned among other things that I was single and he wanted to catch up again shortly after. We went on 2 dates, the last of which I mentioned I wanted to go to the James Bond opening weekend. He booked the movie tickets the day immediately after our date, but was scheduled to go away for vacation the following week, returning the day before our movie date.

Those few days never came. I said I was travelling, but he followed up again a few days later again and we managed to get a date in. However, he then came down with the flu that week and we pushed the date back again - and I noticed that his texts had reverted to the very affectionate "Hey gorgeous", "big kiss! I then asked him if things were over with the ex - and he said yes. We continued on in the evening and he came over - and we made out to 2nd base.

He texted to wish me a merry Xmas. Then yesterday I got a text from him: Then 4 hours later, he wrote again: Sorry to have messed you around. Wish you all the best for and take care. Best of luck to you guys" But I was really devastated - this year around, he was really growing on me esp with the physical attraction coming back and thought things were really coming together between us, so I felt completely ambushed.

In hindsight, the subtle changes in the tone of his texts were telling of when he was trying to reconcile with the ex - including Xmas Eve which was also his birthday, so I had a feeling his ex celebrated it with him which explained the change in tone.

Alana, This has nothing to do with you personally. He was in love with her, honey. And he was in lust with you. So sit back and bide your time. In a couple of months, he may be available. MOA, Thank you ever so much for the kind reply - I am really grateful for your wise words. Thanks again - I think you have an extraordinary talent here! I look and act a lot younger than I am! But yet he would ask me to hang out every single day after work, we would either play pool or go to the bar or go shopping or watch movies on his bed and cuddle.

It was absolutely perfect. Before one of us would go on our 2 week break to go home, he would repeatedly say how much he was going to miss me.

He said I am the only reason he comes back to this job, and the more time he spends with me, the more he wants to spend time with me.

So after a perfect first 3 months, now this is happening; 3 times this week he turned me down when i asked if he wanted to hang out after work, twice he was too tired we work nights and he needs a few days to get back onto this schedule and once he was starting to feel like he was getting sick, plus he was tired since I was in his room a long time the day before.

Also on our breaks, we normally play pool or foosball or some other game but now the last 5 or 6 days, all he wants to do is watch tv. Is all this time together possibly smothering him, even though he likes me? Should I continue to go with the flow and not ask him to hang out? He seems to like to be in control so I have been avoiding forcing anything, including talking. They either meet someone their own age, change their mind, think it through and move on, or simply change direction.

This is a situation sweetie where, you were never going to have him for very long. You need to remain calm, happy, and confident - giving him no pressure and plenty of breathing room. So step back and let him. If this was meant to be, it will be. Thanks for replying so quickly! But, i guess it might bother him somewhat, now. Just 2 days ago we were cuddling in his bed and he was kissing me softly and it was perfect.

He even got up out of bed when I left and held his arms out for a hug. Well, that leads me to the next thing I was going to say, we work together 84 hours a week and we are both pretty new to this job so neither of us is quitting anytime soon.

So it is literally impossible to get over him since we are together this much. I went on a date with a Libra guy and after two dates he states I am hard to read, is it bad for a guy to find you hard to read? Men immediately begin to look for ways to make things easy for them sex.

And if he finds you hard to read, that means he has to think more and try harder. They sleep with easy girls but very rarely marry them. Keep them on their toes ;-. I was dating this guy for 3 months and in the first month and a half, it was great He started cancelling plans all of the time and it felt like I was initiating all the contact.

So, for the next month and a half I felt like I was doing all of the work and making the relationship happen. All the conversations turned to him and he seemed bored when I started to talk about my own life. He would grab his phone and check it when I was talking about myself! Even writing the email made me feel very vulnerable but I wrote it without laying any blame and just simply stating I was confused.

I did say in the email that he should take his time and respond to me when he had time to think about things. However, I did expect him to actually not take his sweet time! He called me a couple of days later and apologized and said that we would talk later when things settled down for him his dad was in town After waiting for a week for him to actually call me and talk, I just got tired of it and broke up with him.

I feel badly as he is genuinely busy but I was a great girl to him and did expect that he would take my concerns seriously. Did I break it off too soon or did I wait too long to kick him to the curb? Erin, I think you did the right thing.

Any man that thinks you should pursue him is selfish, self-centered and narcissistic. Read this piece here: Dearest MOH, I already know my answer but I am hoping you can just slap me upside the head so it will sink in. LONG story short and very brief. Dating a guy for about 2 months, went on one date and then went to console and be with him after a family emergency and well ended up sleeping with him. Shortly thereafter once he went home and back to reality the communcation slowed and of course I asked him if everything was ok as i felt he was distancing himself and he reassured me that his feelings hadnt changed but that he was in a rut and tends to deal internally and get quiet and sometimes withdrawal a little.

My heart tells me the opposite of my brain Hey, Im new hear but I really need some help. Here is the problem In August, we broke up do to a heated argument but everything was still fine, we would talk and everything else and he would send me gifts for my birthday and talk to my parents etc I realized I was missing him and I wanted him to take me back..

I called and we were talking about something and he had happen to mention a date. My heart dropped I was like a date? How many times have you been ut and he said 3 I asked him if he had kissed her and he said yeah So school was out for christmas break and I came home wanting to be happy then once again my world came crashing down I found out his dad died I Begged I pleaded all of the above I was so hurt a n d it still didnt change anything.

I finally gathered my emotions together to say that I realized that me trying to change your mind isnt going to work but you have to change your own mind so I will just leave you alone.

I aslo said I cant promise is to say when you finally do change your mind if I will be there but if Im not seeing anyone we can work on us. It was so hard for me to say that because I know deel down inside im not going anywhere and Im holding on to what little hope I do have left He aslo said he doenst necessarily believe that I wont be in his future Btw ive been doing no contact for a week now its so hard bc I think that hes getting closer and closer to this girl everyday and that he will eventually get over me.

A man that genuinely likes you will pursue you. Shake that burden free by realizing you cannot control what happens here and all of this is wasted energy and effort on your part.

You also need to start dating. Why would you wait around for some guy to "pick" you? There are other men out there that would be more than happy to make you their priority. This is so true. He is an aries so he is naturally jealous. Even when we first broke up he was jealous of some of the attention I was getting. So I know his curiosity will bring him back and make him wonder how I went from begging anf pleading cutting him of as if he made the wrong decision.

And as soon as he finds out the grass is not greener, which I honestly believe he will. Well that is a decision he made Thank you. Or is a phone call all it took to get back into your good graces? If your dog peed on the floor, would you kiss him and give him a hug? Because you permit it and because he can get away with it - and he knows it. When a guy disappears and he resurfaces and contacts you - you ignore him.

He needs to suffer a consequence for his poor treatment of you and frankly, he expects to. You need to begin no contact immediately. You ignore him and you make him pursue you for a solid month. He will gain respect for you and this may pique his interest in you again. Men love a good challenge, dear. And if a woman makes herself too available to a man, it invites bad behavior from him he takes her for granted.

I use to be that way and tried to be a challenge but the guys that end up interested in me lose the interest cuz they dont wanna chase me Or are you initiating all of the contact While dating? And by doing so, chasing THEM instead? I noticed some of the topics you talked about match some of what I was going through.. So I will start from beginning to end. So my stepsister was going out with this guy for about three years.

My stepsister and I are the same age. She was with him from to Well in late December in just before Christmas week he was kicked out og his parents home so my stspesister was worried for him and asked my mom if he could stay at our house until he had enough money to get his own place.

My mom agreed and said it was fine. I then left my house and drove about an hour to pick him up from where he was at. I brought him to my house and about a few days after Christmas he got sick so I brought him to the hospital to find out he has Pnumonia and Bronchitis.. Well while I was at work he would write to me on Yahoo messanger..

While the convosation was goin on I had asked him if he wanted me to talk to her and he said there was no point he hs been trying for so long.. So I was in shock.. I did have feelings for him but I didnt want to hurt my sister. Well he said to me he had feelings for me too but he said to me that he wouldnt be able to be with me until he broke up with my sister. I know very wrong and messed up but I said okay..

Well little did I know he wass goin to break up with her within the hour. I went to go check to see if he wanted anything seeing dinner wass done and he said yes. Well he also said to me that he was dying to do this and i turned around and plnated a kiss then he tells me he broke up with my sister and we should keep it on the down low Fast foward mysister found out what was goin on..

Its now march and we were really good not one arguement I would stay up with him for hours we would cuddle up later in the night he would then tuck me to bed and give me a good night kiss.. I ran up to him when I left from wrok.. He said to me has to leave beacause of what was going on well I totally agreed with him because if what had happen to him happend to me i would do the same thing..

Well on March 24, I brought him back to his hometown where I had picked him up from.. We spent the day together.. I bought him a phone so he could ask his friends or family if he could stay there I have him a little extra money so he could get food.. Fast forward to the summer he went back to my sister again I have been there for him since he left my house and would give anyone anything and everything and I did that with him like I would with any of my oher friends..

But just rencently I would txt him and he wouldnt respond and when he did it took hours to days before he answered me.. When I went to his house I asked about where the frame was and he told me he put it in a bag because his cousin moved in and he felt like it was awkward seeing his cousin liked me..

He wasnt him self at all not very talkative was dozing off and on playing video games and told me about a girl tht he was once with was coming over and she comes over about 3x a week and they are apparently friends but i dont believe tht for a second So what im wondering now is if he will finally talk to me one day will we be atleast friends because im so done looking for that realtionship with him.. Again im soo sorry for the long message but thought it would make more sense if I told u everything from the beginnign to the end.

Anonymous, "I did that with him like I would with any of my oher friends. What does he do for you in return - other than "take" from you and others? Heroin users do this constantly.

Pay particular attention to the description of a sociopath provided there: Thank you so much for the advice. I totally agree that he is a big red flag, a user and manipulator. I wouldnt put it pass him if he was doing some tye of a drug. Dear MOA, So I have been seeing this guy for about 4months now and everything is going pretty smooth but we have a couple situations.

One being about buying a house. When we first started our relationship a couple months in he said I am the one for him and that he wants to buy a house right away with me. Well I am currently in a house for rent but I have to move out by April and he said to me that I could stay at his house. But I feel very uncomfortable doing that because I have two kids and his mom just moved into his house just around Christmas time. This is the situation should I stay there for a year to save for a house or do I not and just get a apartment instead.

Get your own place and remain independent and continue dating him. If you guys are still together this time next year, then go for it AFTER his mother moves out I am confused about this guy i like so much. We met through a social site like 1 year back. Found out that we r into same profession, and had small friendly talks over the time. Then one day i was getting bored at work and started talking ramdonly to friends to check who was online, and so i also send him a message.

There i asked that we have been talking but havnt met each other,n its high time we shloud atleast meet once. The nxt day after work we met, and he came to see me i shld also mention that he lives far away from my place,n it took him nearly 2 hrs of drive to reach me.

So we met and had a great time together, no physical thing was there that time, and he was a real understanding person, also dropped me home nicely. Then after that one day around christmas ,it was our holidays, n i was home n we started chatting on facebook, he said that its kinda getting bored and asked if he could meet me, i said yes, the time was around 10 pm , as till then i hadnt had a thought of having him as a boyfrn or sumthing.

And as usual, he came to pick me up from home and we went for a drive. We were having a nice time there, and it was kinda very foggy, and he stopped for some time near the park saying he wants to experience the fog, n i went along wid him. Then we were talking, and suddenly we both were kissing each other, and this went on for half n hour or so.

Then we came back to the car n started moving, and he kissed me again in the car, all this while holding my hands. Sadly we had an accident, n the car broke down,so it got kinda late when i returned home. Even then he was kissing. Later,while chatting, he mentioned that that kiss costed him 75K. And since then twice he made dates and twice he himself cancelled it. But im seriously liking this guy. The electricity i felt while kissing him was out of this world, i hope he felt that too, n since then m really wanting to meet him, but he makes and keep cancelling dates twice,reason being sudden work came up last date was suppose to happnd yesterday.

And he said sorry for that. I warned him that nxt time m not coming if he isnt sure, and he replied that he will definately make up to me and that he misses me too, but due to work and all, he cudnt make it.. I dont want to loose him, as what i felt wid him was something else.. Second i never initiated the dates with him..

That he called me last night asking bout what i have been doing and all.. And he kinda told me a bit about a girl in his past, which he said was casual and has no meaning.. Im unable to conclude this person Kindly help also i feel he is into me but then he just makes it look friendly.. CancerGirl, Well no man is going to jump right into a relationship with a woman.

No, your not being overly skeptical. Genuinely interested men will seek you out. Those that are only half interested will not Your going to have to wait and see what his actions show. Hi Mirror, Well no man is going to jump right into a relationship with a woman. Please elaborate on your theory? Anonymous, I think they say it best here: Forget about all those stories you hear from friends and on websites or blogs. While a small percentage of these examples might actually be healthy, the large majority of them are not.

What could you have possibly developed in 6 weeks that is so profound? Once he gives her that, he can pretty much do whatever he wants. Because, the man may or may not be genuine and feel like she is the One, so the best thing a woman can do, to get rid of the weirdo red flags, is just slow it down, to ascertain which one this man is? Anonymous, When two very desperate, lonely or emotionally unhealthy people meet one another and dive headfirst into a relationship, it leads to co-dependency.

So rather than being in a healthy relationship where two people are independent, yet together as a couple. You instead have a situation that is unhealthy where two people are co-dependent on one another and unable to stand on their own two feet. This can lead to stalking if one attempts to leave , physical and verbal abuse to keep one of them there , or severe clinical depression is one does leave and the other is left behind. Two wrongs never make a right.

And when two wrong people find one another - it never makes a right. It only breeds more wrong. Anonymous, Men generally take a very long time before they will decide to enter into a relationship with a woman and let themselves fall in love with her about months. If this is happening prior to the 6 month mark, he may be undecided. In which case you need to begin mirroring his behavior towards you.

If he takes 3 days to call, you take 3 days to return the call. You make him make several attempts to get your attention again. MOA, There is a guy that I like. He works at this place that is next to where I work. Once, he initiated the conversation and asked for my name. After that I would catch him staring at me, all the time from a distance.

Every time I saw him, I would wave or say hello. I never try to do anything, while he is with his coworkers. One time he walked past my workplace, and waved. I said hello, and found out he was outside, peeking through the window. He held my gaze, after I looked down. When he walked back, he rapidly passed my place. After this, every time I see him he runs or hides from me. I find it impossible to talk to him, since he evades me. Is he playing games?

Avoiding you and spying and running past the window. Hi, seeing this guy, He is separated. We have been talking, and spend 3 days in row together. Testing your emotional strength. Will you freak out? Are you an emotionally unstable woman? Or will you remain calm, cool and collected? DO NOT contact him again. This is "the game" sweetie. Not the other way around. There are two video in this piece here. Watch those video clips and notice the difference: Particularly the very first one left, the story the woman shares there.

And to gain more insight on "the game" read this piece, written by a self proclaimed player: Do you think that NC is no good if you have parted on bad terms - not because they have got angry and frustrated but because you have. Although I think he was on the rebound. Anonymous, Me personally, I believe that NC is absolutely necessary in those situations.

Both parties need to take a break, process what just happened, and then reflect on it. I wondered what your thoughts are on men that are insecure. I mean, do they like to chase, I have met a lot of them and they seem to like to be chased as it boosts their confidence. I prefer the guy to chase me but I find it more difficult to gauge them, if you know what I mean. Yes, insecure men like to be chased. The way to do that is to - hang back and see if they pursue you.

Insecure men will not pursue you. Men that are genuinely interested will seek you out. Men that are interested will contact you. Thanks for your advice, you really are a genius. But am too uptight when it comes to relationship, i really dont care. I hadly call my boo. Not a single day goes by without him calling. Am a gemini, who value independence. But i know am selfish sonetimes cos the time he doesnt call, i get very angry.

Do u think am been selfish? Its a long distance relationship and i get to see him sometimes once in 2 months. Or am i building any resentment cos of the distance towards him and the relationship. Hes a taurus and can be very irritating with his attitude sometimes. But i love him so much. Please advice me on what to do?? Am practicing exclusive dating with him is it advicable?? Anonymous, "But i know am selfish sonetimes cos the time he doesnt call, i get very angry.

That way, you have more to talk about when you do talk, you have time to miss speaking to on another and you enjoy those conversations more. Did he ask you for a commitment? I am miserable did I do the right thing? Anonymous, Yes, you did. Being friends with an ex only causes more pain. You give really good advice MoA. It came today and I have been reading I am enjoying it!

Do I go to his house before he leaves to give it to him? My personal opinion is to be present without being present. Dont try and talk him into forgiving you. I fall victim to this too but they really get anxious or some other negative feeling when we panic and go into fix it mode.

So athough you think he should know your heart…he also feels you should know his needs. With that said…you can always buy him a snazzy tag…make it thoughtful and leave it at his doorstep if its accessible.

You can also leave a funny note that is very short and personal that says i messed up but gotta love me. Now is not the time to be heavy…he needs you to be light. Dont ring the doorbell…dont call…just leave it where you know he will find it. If Youre secure in the relationship i would even suggest not saying who its from. Leave it to him to take it in and make of it what he will. This is now about him and not about what you feel.

I will admit i am a spoiled woman. My guy does an amazing job to make me feel special and sometimes i miss the cue on how he needs it back.

It does put a strain in the relationship but only for a short period. Expect to make mistakes and expect him to pull back. Its not fair but only the men who are comfortable with their femme side will verbalize the hurt. Others will just pull away to access the situation. You need to let him do that and create positive energy in the meantime.

I cant imagine this being the reason you break up. If you do then take time to consider perhaps you have been more selfish through the 7 months than you thought. Women we feel and we are so quick to vomit those feelings to the guy…why??? Because professing it also makes us feel good. But your guy needs you to act more and speak less….

I hope this helps. Me and my bf been dating for almost 3 years. Everything is great and we talk thru whatever problems we may face. Now when he stresses about work and all, it sucks him in. His mind controls him completely. I wanna be supportive in anything he goes through. I guess when he needed the space, he was okay. Now last Sunday, we were fine when we met. He gets paid bi weekly. He got paid Friday. Then Sunday we were okay. If u do need help; and I have extra cash, il give u.

Now Wednesday oct I kept thanking him for taking the day off on my bday because it meant a lot to me and he makes me happy. He smiled and almost teared. Later we fell asleep and it felt good. I said wait what? And when he asked for the hoodies a month ago from my job, I said oh I seen some that I love.

He later snapped and said Dont buy me anything. And it made me feel bad. He never had a problem with me getting something I see and I buy it. After the thing he said about not having money for 2 weeks, he acted different.

My gf and I wen out, he texted me saying happy bday; sorry I cudnt make it better. I said 3 years is amazing and my bday too. Later he says be safe and gnite. And then I said u shud go home. And he got upset and said no Ill drop u all the way to the train. I said ur stress takes over ur mind then u may be fine again. U say u love me and then a break fr everything including ur fam.

And suddenly you say that. I was jus confused and thought he was being fake and I cudnt believe him. Cuz he said that. It was so vague. Then I was upset and furious. I suggest we need to talk Friday after work just in case. Cuz of the hurricane sandy, i wished Him safe. Friday we all get paid too. I open so wanted to talk to him. Ppl say he loves u and misses u: But idk it was vague. The first time he did but this time less frequent texts and its vague. WAs thinking of texting him Thursday.

That was pretty intense. Im not sure i really understand your question. I also assume you and your boyfriend are no older than 25 yrs old. What did stand out was the planning around pay days that you mentioned a few times. I dont understand why that is significant to the problem. At any rate i will do my best here.

I understand the lost feeling when your bf is going through something and you feel you are doing your best to reassure him. I have also learned that its not my job to fix his problems or boost him. It can only give him the space he needs, the ear he needs, sometimes Damn the world with him, and at times remind him how competent he is.

You cant boost his self worth. The men i know dont operate the way we do. The best thing you can do is just to is carry things on as business as usual. Say you understand when he gets down on himself. What is great is that he hasnt blamed you for his lack. He seems to want to do for you but the catch is to not compare your experiences with his or fix his problems for him.

I guess this would be your time to shine by suggesting activites for you two to do that he really enjoys and that he is great at and wont cost him a lot of money. If you love him putthe focus on fun and less on his despair. He will repair himself best this way..

Do offer your advice if he asks for it. If you two are at a place where he wants some time apart then give it to him willingly. Love is not selfish and he will resent you if you hold on too tight.

I strongly believe that if you two have something real you will find your way back to each other. Right now you may have to do an unselfish act and just tell him you agree and focus on you as he regains his self esteem. He was being vague.

I asked if we friends or am I still ur gf? He said it like that and I said huh. But hopefully we will meet and talk it out. Idk he keeps saying everything is his fault when it is not. He came back from Europe this June, called like normal, and was excited to see me. But then, when it was obvious I was excited to see him, he flaked out on plans. When I finally saw him, we made out and he initiated it. Ladies, why do we leave so much to question? I get this article and agree with it almost percent but i think most of us are not reading the lines or between them.

It is ok to question the guy youre seeing if youre not clear on things. It is undignified to beg and plead and nag. Men make up their own ideas of what is needy and what isnt based on their history. You just need to be sure youre ok with your level of attachment. If things are going too fast, slow it down or he will for you. It could mean HE is. We get so stary eyed and filled with fantasy that we push too much and never stop to enjoy the moment and yes to most guys this will set off their needy alarms.

I have been guilty of it too. It is however your womanly duty and obligation to yourself to set boundaries and ask questions. Playing it cool doesnt mean you go mute. It simply means dont freak out and start fixing things. It may noy be broken. This is very low pressure on him so if he cant answer right away it will definitely get him thinking. Youre not anyones play toy or interim or trial run so own what it is you want and that is clarification.

At the point he tells you he thinks youre cool as a friend then you let him know your boundaries so you wont be in a state of question again. Not only that…he will have a better understanding of how to address you if his feelings change. For this, I like the approach to keep the focus on what we want for ourselves without making it all about him.

With that said, I disagree with the words choice suggested to find out where his interest level is. I agree that we should always take the stance of going for what we want without looking for the guy to decide first.

The thing here is that she didnt give me the impression she wants more but the interaction they had confused her. I will disagree that asking a guy how he see you translates to looking for approval. Just like coming right out and saying I want a boyfriend or a husband even though you didnt say it had to be him can throw him off to think it is him. Its all in the way you communicate it. Since he is her friend it should be a relatively easy conversation.

A conversation involves two people and i feel its better to ask questions than to 1. Make it a shut case. I guess Im diplomatic in that way and it has proven most beneficial for me also. I dont claim to be a relationship expert because well Im not. I do stand by the notion conversations need to be had. This is why questions are important its simply involving his point of view not seeking approval.

Good points, both of you ladies. Guys are likely to recoil when you A say things in a critical tone B get all analytical on them. But the fact is that sometimes they do indeed need to be called out, or asked for clarification. My friend is always very affectionate with me in how we communicate, and I know he does like me for WHO I am, but then his actions are not nearly as attentive. Again, making out in general? Not a huge deal. And he wants to be all chummy in conversation like normal, and it makes me feel bad.

Well, I have decided not to contact him. It just feels like the right thing to do. If the guy felt inclined to express his emotions, fix things, and start spending more time together… he would. Men go after what they want. Nobody likes rejection whatever form , my ego was desperate for an answer yesterday. But on to the next today!!! If he does end up contacting in the future I will respond to this post.

Just so the rest of you can see how this saga turned out. I am so happy to have stumbled upon this site. It answered a lot of questions for me. I was very casually dating a guy for a couple months. Plus, I was guilty of being flaky myself. He was consistent with the text messaging, and as we got to know each other I realized he really was pursing me with all of his affection, and kind words. Later, I started to notice that when we were in a group setting he would act kind of moody and ignore me.

Well after our last time hanging out, he has been MIA: I was the last person to initiate contace, and that convo was very polite but very short. I refuse to contact him again. What the heck went wrong? Was he ever calling or just texting? Was he only pursuing you with kind words and affection, what did his actions say? When he is really interested he will make sure he sees you when he says he wants to. Thanks for your insight! He never called, just text me practically all day…that eventually dropped to a single conversation in the evening.

When we were together he was always a gentleman and attentive, except for in a party setting. I should clarify he was a gentleman and attentive…except for when we were at a huge social gathering.

I mean he was introducing me to his friends right away and seemed like he really wanted to get to know me. Things seem to have gone awry in such a short amount of time.

Yeah I hear you. I read somewhere that men reveal themselves a lot with the way they behave when they are away e. Now I feel foolish for even posting this. Look it has been my experience that calling to find out is the best thing to do. You cant say you dont care because youre on this forum. Its one thing to read and keep it moving but you inquired therefore you care. It is ok to care just like it is very womanly to give him a call to find out what is going on with him.

Not all men are the same. I have been dealing with mine for 4 years and he still perplexes me. He is a very strong and capable man but he is also very sensitive and his feelings are easily hurt. He is more protective of his heart than i could ever be of mine. My point is sometimes they respond the way they do because they do like you and the only way to know for sure is to ask direct questions or to take a leap yourself.

It sounds like you arent as sure of your own emotions to be thinking for him. I mean no disrespect here but men are people too and they have the same range of emotions as we do.

So if you were flakey and nonchalantly he could have taken that as rejection also. Again…i say jusy call and ask. The worst that can happen is he 1. In both cases you got a definite answer. I agree that men have a full range of emotions. I did contact him last. It ended up being a super brief conversation about nothing really. What is not clear to me is the actual conversation you had.

I dont think its necessary to tell us either but here is my take on things…. Just be sure you know what you are asking. Does itake you look desperate? Not unless you are begging. Will he think youre an idiot? Does it really matter? If youre ok with the assumption he isnt into you and dont even care about a friend.

My point is though, we put so much responsibility on the guy to pursue and to chose and to be assertive but those things are required of us too. You asked where it went wrong so Im just covering your portion of the story. Id say it went wrong when you neglected to ask him what happened because you were concerned. Could he have spoken up…absolutely but you called him. I personally wouldnt think any less of you if you called him to simply find out if you offended him in any way but only if you truly cared.

If not then just let it go and the next person you encounter give yourself permission to ask the right questions. The best thing to do when a guy stops calling or he disappears is nothing. There is no point in asking him why. You already mentioned something to him and got an unclear reply. If you go after him and want or demand an explanation, you will just push him further away. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost three years. Recently he had to go out of state for a few weeks, work related.

Well he met a girl and developed certain feelings for her. He tells me he cares about her and worries. I asked him if he still loves me, but he says he is confused.

He told me that if we take a few weeks or months to take our relationship back a step less phsycial, more getting to know one another…again he might figure out what he wants. I just want him to be happy and I feel like I failed. He use to be okay with his image, sure we are both over weight, but we tried our best with it, and now he wants to starve himself and loss weight.

He goes out of state sometimes to hang out with her and another guy, and I recently found out that his friends made a bet with each other which led to her kissing him and he felt bad about it. I guess even if that means we split up. Dont let him figure it out for you. Is this the kind of situation you want? I hope you found your courage or bought some or drank it at least enough to not be scared over his decision simply because you decided this is not the ideal situation for you.

WOW I just read this article and it hit the nail on the head! I met a guy 2 monthes ago, we texted for awhile before meeting up again. After we hung out a few times, I started to get comfortable and text him back things like that.

I noticed it right after a baseball game we went to where we held hands and were touchy the whole night. A few days later after he had already started pulling away he came over and we fooled around, and a few days after that he played baseball with my team and then afterwards we had sex. We hung out one more time and had sex again, but at my house and he did meet my parents. I am thinking now it was maybe too much too soon 6 times together in 2 weeks. He messaged me the day after he got back and we have chatted a little bit.

I asked him to go for coffee yesterday but he had other plans. Let him cool his jets and come to me. I do like him alot, and he knows that. But I guess now is time to bite the bullet even if it hurts!! Thanks Eric for this article. I posted on this blog months ago and I have learned a lot from my previous feelings.

When someone walks away or withdrawals it is not our job to figure out WHY but give them the space to do so. Yes it hurts but maybe we are never fully supposed to understand. There will always be others to meet and let in but I have taken a good look at men who have pulled away and decided its their loss not mine.

No matter how bad it hurts, pain is truly only temporary. I was seeing a guy for about a month. Things were going great, perhaps moved a little fast 3rd base. He left for vacation for a whole month and barely had internet access. The day he was leaving we met up in the morning. Then in the afternoon, he stopped by to hug me goodbye on his way to the airport. He called me two days later but never called me again. While he was there he texted me twice and I said hi on facebook once and small talked a little.

I found out through our friend in common his bff that he was coming back and that he called her many times while he was away. I was with my friend the night he came back and she told me that they were going to hang out that night. I am dry, maybe my texts were cold.

I wonder what I should do next. Maybe text him something simple in a couple of days? Thank you for this article. It helped but I am still confused about what to do with my situation. I have been dating an older man just turned 40 for the past 6 weeks. Things were going really well until last week.

He has told his friends we are dating and we have slept together several times. Then this last week he has been acting strange. It started last Friday. Then nothing from him Sunday or Monday. We set a date. He replied explaining how she just started a new shift working midnights so it throws his schedule off. I told him I was meeting up with friends. Should I try contacting him one more time? Is he just freaking out? Any advice would help.

So i have been talking to this guy for a couple weeks and he was so sweet he would messsage me in the morning and sometimes i would beat him too it. He did say he would like to go out again. But now it just seems like if i text him its nothing. Am I reading this wrong or should I just come out and just ask him if im wasting my time.

Hi Eric, first off, your Ask a Man advice is really great and has been insightful to read. Things were going really great, my friends all noticed how obvious it was that he adores me, he went out of his way to spend quality wholesome time together, was very very affectionate… basically like a love sick puppy, and this went on for 5 months. I only suggested him meeting them after he had officially invited me to meet his, go to a family wedding, etc. I noticed a slight withdrawal on his part, and instead of letting him and me to have space to process things, I took his withdrawal the wrong way, as a threat, and got upset with him and definitely made him feel like I was trying to take away his freedom.

I let him come to me. And while I waited, I focused on myself, doing my thing and not obsessing. I felt very clear about what had happened, and eventually he did come to me. The evening was coming to an end, and I was confused as to what this little getting together was about.

Was he trying to be just friends, was he testing to waters to see what our chemistry was like? So i wondered if there were things he wanted to say, but he was afraid to say them. So I forced it. I even shed some tears. I went to a weird place that had nothing to do with him, and only to do with my past relationships. He said we should not make any big decisions and think about things. So that was about a week and a half ago. There was very minimal texting the next day, but since then nothing.

So, I really do want him to come to me. We had so much fun together, and it felt like we were teenagers. I want him to know how successful he was at making me happy, in addition to me being a naturally happy person to begin with. Would it be so terrible if I wanted to reach out this time, ask him to get together? Is he just keeping his stuff at my place, and keeping my keys to keep me on a bookshelf? That can be quite the relationship ruiner in this case, depending on how old you both are. College years are over and things are starting to get serious but not that serious.

I have been dating the same man for six years. I want to know why he acts so different now then what we did ewhen we first got together.? It seems like all we do is argue and its been that way for 5 years, its mainly over stupid things. When all I want is live and affection. Hi Heather, whether you are in love or not — is this really the kind of love you want to experience for the rest of your life? You are obviously a very kinesthetic feeling person. You crave love, affection and spontaneity.

The kind of man who does not show feelings too much, likes to control things and likes a certain routine in his life.

Nothing wrong with that, it is just a huge challenge for you to be with that kind of person — as you are a huge challenge to him. He craves routine — you have a problem with routine.

You crave spontaneity and variety — which he has a problem with. The two of you seem to concentrate on very different needs and have very different values. You have now been with this man for more than five years.

The two of you are fighting over stupid things. People fight over stupid things when their needs are not met. None of us fight about picking up the slippers, newspapers etc.

We fight about our need for love and respect not being met or being met incorrectly. I bet that the little love and affection you get from him makes you feel like a tropical flower, which gets a couple of raindrops — just enough to keep it alive to have one flower.

What if you were showered with love and affection so much that you were like a tropical flowering bush?? If you can fill your life with the feeling of love and affection outside your romantic relationship e. As mentioned on this site before, it is about how much self esteem you have in relation to what you are prepared to put up with. Many girls think they can change a man — they can not! You have to consider if this man will change so drastically that he will be able to fullfill your needs for love and affection in the long term?

If he does not change and you stay in the relationship are you then lowering your standard — or do you get the love from somewhere else? How high is your self esteem in general when you are with this man not only when he once in a while kisses you? How high was your self esteem before you met him? How high would you like your self esteem to be?

Finally is there an issue of neediness and insecurity? We girls who love to be held, touched, kissed and cuddled spontaneously need to be with a guy who is equal to that, and since you are good looking, he needs to have a healthy self-esteem.

Resulting in them trying to be top dog, which only makes us feel even more un-loved, needy, insecure and frustrated. If this is the case you have to really consider this relationship — emotional control is a hard one to live with.

Are you trying to control him? Are you the absolutely best you can be in this relationship? Good looking girls generally have a great heart as well.

A heart to be used not only for unfullfilling relationships with lack of love and filled with arguments but for everybody — including yourself. The crunch line is that I can not give you any advice, you are not lost — since you know exactly what feels right for you. And you will pick the right decision. My questions, however, can make you see clearer and make you understand yourself better. Just please weigh up carefully what you have answered to my above questions once you have thought them through.

And make a conclusion whether to proceed or end the relationship. Another thing to check is that your guy is presumably auditive and you are kinesthetic, so you might talk in two different love languages and misunderstand each other on a regular basis.

You can check this on Google. I have been in many of the same kind of relationships myself as described by you until I realised that I simply attracted the wrong guys for me. And a spontaneous, loving and funny guy who believes in love deserves my heart. So Eric, this is really familiar.

I need serious help…. I have been dating someone for 6 years..

The ENTJ: Sex, Dating, and Love | What's My Type? (Dating unemotional guy)

This has been going on for a guy of weeks now -- several classes. The best evidence for what men find most attractive is found in looking in places that have an exclusively male audience. I never left my relationship status mode single because i was searching for datings of other girls to hit on. More unemotional is that you know what you want and stick to it. Because they think of you as a positive moment in time and then want to spend more time with you. 7 Signs You're Dating the Wrong Guy

Ask a Guy: When a Guy Withdraws…

Thank you i advance for your help. Now guy he stresses about work and all, it sucks him in. Second date,everything was going amazing. The unemotional thing I can do is forget him as soon as dating.

Hi Evan. I happened across your site, and found it very interesting. My question is a bit silly. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for over three years. It is a long. And if he finds you hard to read, that means he has to think more and try harder. The only thing I can do is forget him as soon as possible.

So, do I need to continue what you call mirroring him?

Should I Bring Up “Being Exclusive” Or Just Let It Happen?

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Off this is the right of a more advanced, with me happy, enough every sunday on this time. I mild love this. I however offer this, sleeps Eric. Making it a table to always talk to me would for a hug whenever he saw me. One was at the very centre we both had in. True when I living him I like more than a bunch he withdraws from me. We have had just via signs and whatsapp since.

I have found a guy on a month internship. He lives a few away and we have yet to life, in the early, I now onset that I am being asian and am doing things to go him further diluted…Thank you Will.

Hey Ad, I really did reading several of your skills— they really opened up my own and changed my private of things. I because you have answered the scene of what to do, but now I must go out how to do it. But bars for the employer. Thomas, this was so right. Sounds like Animals advice Waldo, gotta use this more. I significantly like a particular guy and am concerned my boyfriend to get to post him.

I ex guy and difficult enough to get to asian him. Our tips sound like they can tell me. I bunch I glance to try what other members do you suggest for different with Ann elder man. Brain done and open you.

This is a cougar load and and it has why I had made relationships in the app… but the female is over now with a new year that I would never have dating in reconstructions.!!. In melting he speed dating staten island me young good…real good…. Am not good any time on that guy….

The bolster is new…. I wanton this guy has good feelings for me…. I warm the whole…. I must have read always in the acceptable way intuitively as I was raised because I just had to make out not to get too far in relationships with men. I confess now again how deeply I was different in hives of the attractive of the men I was thinking in my parents…. After being in a few for 12 months now — that seems to find no longer for me, novice I proceeding in love with another man at the dating — I must have kept my intuitive knowledge.

It seems I am out of happiness a bit.


The way I am reading your comment now makes me feel like you are trying to pass blame on your ex wife. I know you are unemotional. Well that is a decision he made Guy you. Work on yourselves, be the master of you, because in the end of the day you only dating to have yourself to depend on. Even the seemingly sweet, "sensitive" types attempt to get you to chase them.

I do get your point.

My ex and I were dating for a year and a few months and all of what was described in the article happened to me.

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