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Are most Malay girls willing to go out with May 08,  · 8 May The malay chinese relationship What you think about a Chinese girl dating a Malay guy and/or the other way around? Racist? No biggie?Author: Simply Shing. Nov 27,  · The Sepet question: Malay x Chinese pairings. We were dating on-and-off but, I dated a Chinese Girl (i'm a malay guy btw). Why a Chinese guy dating Malay woman tends to get frowns from Malays but when it is other way round, it met with approval from Malays? Malay - Chinese girl. May 08,  · 8 May The malay chinese relationship What you think about a Chinese girl dating a Malay guy and/or the other way around? Racist? No biggie?Author: Simply Shing. Nov 27,  · The Sepet question: Malay x Chinese pairings. We were dating on-and-off but, I dated a Chinese Girl (i'm a malay guy btw).

malay guy dating chinese girl


Any Chinese girl like Malay man?

Feel Better About Yourselves December 11, at 5: This is not true! She had to break up with her almost one year Malay bf due to the disapproval of her family.

Yes, true, we are young. I think you got some of the parts right. Malays Guys Prefer To Date Chinese Girls If a Chinese girl DO find a malay guy attractive Infact most Chinese girls dating Malay boys don’t like the. > Agama > Disapproving Family And Distance Could Not Stop This I’m married to a Chinese girl, she was dating me, a Malay guy that. You must have some reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally bad experiences with Malay girls.

Ok one thing for you to consider from the most recent genetic study of asian population Feb 01,  · Not all Chinese girls like Malay men. But I have a co worker who's being dating a Malay guy for 10 years and recently got Resolved. Hi! i need ur views on a malay guy like me dating a singaporean chinese girl cos recently, i successfully dated her! She’s from Meridian jc anyways and i’m like. Are you an Asian guy who is interested in dating gorgeous The Truth About Asian Men Dating White Chicks.

my Malaysian/Asian brothers! DO WHITE GIRLS LIKE. Nov 01,  · Go ahead man, in Singapore a lot of malay guy dating chinese girl but u must aware that they(most of the local chinese girl .

Nov 01,  · Go ahead man, in Singapore a lot of malay guy dating chinese girl but u must aware that they(most of the local chinese girl .

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When a man dates or marries in an outsider woman, he is seen as bringing in a new person that can bear children to continue the cultural heritage of the group. When a woman dates or marries and outsider man, she is seen as being taken away from the group, and will not be bearing children that will continue the culture and traditions of the group.

Islam demands conviction of the faithful, so if a typical chinese guy accepts Islam, he needs to give up alcohol and bacon, and practices the things Islam preaches prayers, fasting, zakat, etc. It can look sexist because it plays on the expectation that women will join the culture of their male partners. But inherently it is a question of practising malay culture and embracing islam - there is less resistance if the chinese guy converts to Islam and practise in full well before marriage.

My dad is malay, mum the chinese. Everytime I asked their love story, they never tell one. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. A subreddit for Malaysia and all things Malaysian. Message the mods for help Subreddit Rules Please observe reddiquette. Show posts by this member only Post 2. Make sure tak kena tangkap basah, otherwise the whole kampung will after you to marry the girl, convert to islam and the best thing.

Show posts by this member only Post 3. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Show posts by this member only Post 5. I m a chinese guy and I m also interested in a few malay girls. They will smile with you, they are good manner, polite and their smile are so sweet.

No doubt, a lot of malay girl are pretty and without tudung will look prettier. Dating them is a big problem and therefore I dare not date them. I hope I can date malay girl once in my life Show posts by this member only Post 6. Show posts by this member only Post 7. Show posts by this member only Post 8. Show posts by this member only Post 9. Show posts by this member only Post Oh yeah, most Malay girls have bigger bewbies too.

Remember to raba puas2 ya. Cyberjaya, Shah Alam, Ipoh. Just do it man. Jul 16 , The poll shows many people have different opinions on this topic Just a bit though I am chinese guy I definitely want to avoid from anything related to islam SO, i rather no date Malay gal. How you do it man??? How long did it take you to get your gf??? The baju kurung kind The tudung with tight shirt kind The Normal-Avarage sweet looking girl kind or The party animal kind..

The easiest catch is the party animal. They love to show off their bf esp if its not malay,.. If any of you are dating a malay chick, please notify me cos i wanna personally shake ur hand. Ts comeon la u are just plain Malay but pretend to be Chinese. What so wrong just being Malay but i guess till now u had no experience of getting gf rite.

Think twice before you want to date a Malay girl. The first question you have to ask yourself before dating one "Will you be willing to convert into Islam if the relationship works out one day and will be planning for a marriage? I think the marriage question is still quite far away to be considered. Easier said than done. You cannot predict the future , can you? No one knows how serious will this relationship turn out to be and you always have family factor to consider.

Jul 17 , I know Indonesia has no prob with that muslim married to christian. Jul 18 , Care to give a brief explanation ga. Seriously, sometimes Malay girls are better with their tudung off. I suggest you start reading the Quran before b4 tackling her.

You need to do it before you do a Muslim? I wondering if Chinese wear tudung will become how leh??? I was made to wear a tudung once because I had to play the piano for a whatchacallit Islamic choir nasyid This post has been edited by spunkberry: About the sunat-before-doing thing Eh dude, what you trying to say lol. I guess I have received enough positive signs haha. Will get some hate-mails from my new friends if I woo her.

They are much more open than you think to go for it or not is totally up to you. Eh tonight very cold ar? Jul 19 , Thanks for the advice! Applaud him for buka-ing puasa together with his gf AND her family. I only expect lots of Chinese onlookers with weird stares. Jul 20 , Then live your life with the chick you loved. Everybody must make sacrifices eh. Just my 2 cents XD This post has been edited by zeroheat: But I never got the guts to tackle these lovely ladies because of my religion.

If she is truly religious, and wants you to be a real convert as being a real believer , are you willing to do that? Or will you chicken out and hurt her? Are you just going out for dates? You are going into a relationship for a reason. Is that reason love? Just my 2 cents XD. Added on July 20, , Most Malay girls I know would love to get married early.

Preferably before 28 or earlier if possible. Some could go up to Well, your life, your choice. To be or not to be Both have their positives.

I am relatively open , all races can , only indian cannot because have bad memories of indians I have not dated indians before. Malays are more open. I also thought of leaving this country if we really fell for each other, but what people tell me is that the girl might not give up her religion for love.

At least for now. I used to b very close with a malay guy. Jul 21 , TS please listen to me. IF u r a Chinese, And u love ur family. But what to do…thats de way things are. I dont mean to sound like a minah kawin-kawin, but dating is one thing, whilst what u want out of the date is another thing. Of course, a whole lot of them, including one or two of my frens get married to nonMalay gals not restricted to chinese gals anyway.

The main question wud be Why? And if yes, in what ways? Is it because Malay gals are supposedly academically inferior to Chinese gals? Hehehe i cud go on and on wth de questions but basically how many Malay guys wud actually give honest answers to those Qs? There ws once, i ws joking wth a female fren about dating caucasian guys..

To me,her teasing ws simple but thought-provoking. Some even have de cheek 2 say they liv by de mantra that they find it ok to have not enuf money, as long as whatever money they have is halal. Perhaps, its the mentality. And if they are suppose to work harder to survive in life, will there be time for a relationship to materialise in the latter stages of life? Is the lady in question willing to wait for him, say for a further 5 years down the road?

Can SHE handle the pressure, from the society, relatives, etc of not settling down? The halal issue shld not be an excuse! I feel that in uni school, the guys are always sourcing for a potential relationship. You need to give time to test the relationship, and if it fails, you gotta restart, and all that takes time. The Malay girls however, think they are precious gemstones. So when we woo them, they make life difficult for us. All guys get bored after some time, so the brain then tells them to not waste their time with Malay girls, and that they are better off by taking chances with other races.

We wannt our girls, but do our girls want us? What you just mention here is only partially true. Sometimes, one needs to wait in order to discover the true gem that have befallen on them. Hehehe…i ws just abt to comment somemore.

The uni, or any tertiary institution for that matter, can be tricky sometimes. Haha, dono la hor…. You know at times you gotta reflect and ask yourself how blardy racist some people can be. And apparently we are harmonious-living SPoreans. Whether you are a Malay, Chinese or Indian, black or white and marrying someone from another race or whether you are a Mat or Minah marrying a more successful counterpart it really does not matter.

SHould not matter really. What matters is what your heart desire and what you and your partner think is best. Look we all come from different cultures and backgrounds. You think your culture is a big deal then what about the culture of others? Only a muppet would find striking a balance between cultures tiresome and too much of a bother.

I honestly think Malays should not worry about Malays dating or marrying other races. Not unless you immersed yourself too much in that other race and find yourself lost.

Only yourself to blame then. And Shah yes you are right. One should date irregardles of race. And please please la. Mat and minah exists in the Malay community whether you like it or not. How the hell you define and distinguish them is entirely up to you. Whether they are good or bad for the society and race is highly debatable. Quit slagging off each other on this issue.

Wether you like it or not. And yes there is an Arab Dogol in me as well as much as I would contest it. Thank u eddy for making it clearer… no matter how cliche it is really true that love transcends race unless you are still living in the 19th century and you dun mind your parents choosing your soulmate for you in the name of preserving traditions and culture. My boyfriend used to date a Chinese girl, I used to date a Chinese guy. So get the drift.. Does it matter why you marry that race?!

It is up to the individual to do what they wanna do. Its like asking why does someone prefer white chocolate to dark chocolate or milk.. In the end you are not the one to have to deal with what ever issue that may arise.. Whatever you do wherever you go, sure people will judge you. Haiya, they say love is blind. Like what most have said, as long that you are happy. My sincerely apology to the non-malay girls, am not saying that the non-melayu girls are easy to get, but these was the perception back then.

This is my personal experience lah. Somethime I wonder, what kind of values all these pak-pak mat have injected into bringing up their childrens. That was a very very interesting topic, as much as I agree with it, I might have to say I slightly disagree. I my self am Eurasian, a cross breed. And if you actually think about it, what is Malay? Malay is a huge mix anyway!

A old history of crossbreeds! Wow I just passing buy and read about this interesting topic. Are you talking about Malay Singapore. But it a trend here that Malay gurl that date or married outside their races.

I myself dated french guy. You think any MY girl will date me then. Bad experiences with them…. This article mentioned Malays boys who want to date Chinese girls. You see, at least you are all Asians. I am always enchanted by long black hair and bright black eyes and appreciate the inner beauty of Asin girls, especially Chinese girls. There are not many Chinese girls around me.

So I can only tend to dating sites, like cncupid. Hey I just happen to pass by this blog.. N I found tis topic interesting. My fren was recently commenting abt how more n more Indian guys have started dating Chi gals cos they think their status will be improved. Personally I never tot it dat way..

I just felt dat may be u noe, Love is blind, so they did not take e fact tat their Gf belongin to a diff race is a big issue.. But noticing more carefully, I realised dat a couple of Indian guys have never dated Indian gals tho they knew many… They have only dated Chi gals.. So may tis be true.. I dunno cos I have never bothered askin.. I guess tis issue is not only unique to Malays but Indians too… But well, I still agree w Edroos e arm chair critic.

Both my paternal and maternal great grandparents are pure chinese and siamese. Except my bro and I look arabic…Huh?? Probably some promiscousity frm one our ancestors with the arab traders in the olden days huh?

So, why the fuss abt guys dating chinese girls? Is like u disciminating against ur own ancestor if u condone it,u know. So, go on date outside ur race fellas. The entry at http: The world should be seen from as many perspectives as possible cos the spectrum of colours make up one light.

I hardly see a Malay guy with a Chinese girl. I doubt a Chinese girl would be interested in a Malay guy UNLESS he is just a better alternative with good personality or well-off compared to another male Chinese choice. Usually male Chinese win hands down because they have better employtment and long-term stability. Most likely the guy is a caucasian, middle-eastern or even Chinese. This evidence alone explains why Chinese girls would less likely find malay guys attractive.

Sometimes I wonder about blogs that appear from Singaporeans. They sound suspiciously as if propaganda, social-engineering and manipulation is taking place just to create stereotyping and stigma to be attached to certain unfortunate groups. Live and let live I say.

Else do proper research and be more observant before making social comments and spark a controversy. Singaporeans should just stick to the pledge that we learn at school or just let common sense and an open mind prevail.

Oh and by the way Im from Malaysia. Get your blood dirty? And most of the time, i notice that most of those good-looking Malays around me normally have fair skin and less flat noses.

I prefer malay girl. Because malay sex is better than chinese girl. But, Malay girls always open back door to the other guys. Well, just fuck what ever you feel great. Man being a mix blood myself i say all this is bull crap, why? Why cause Mix races has been happening for centuries, u think malays started out the same as malays nowadays? I think maybe chinese girl wear more fashionable clothes than Malay girl and they look more glamour than malay that why melayu guy like them.

Also definition pretty for asian is u have white skin and most malay are tanned so maybe this one reason malay guy like them.. Somewhere somehow, this issue makes me recall my old days in Uni when i did my bachelors degree. When i did my MSc, even worse. The ratio of malay girl to malay guy was like

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Islamic law is a bit complicated. My fren was recently commenting abt how more n more Indian datings have started dating Chi gals cos they think their status will be improved. TS please listen to me. I guess I have received malay positive signs haha. I prefer Hindi chinese. No, if you are thinking that this post is encouraging one-night-stand because guy are just discussing about whether we, as Malaysian girls, are sexually attracted to white girls or not. I definitely want to avoid from anything related to islam Dangers of Dating a Chinese Girl

Dating a malaysian-chinese girl?

I never thought that chinese would like me u know. This post has been edited by mr. Heck she disagree to appoint where she forbid her sons to date any races in Malaysia and prefer them to date a white girl. This post has been edited by spunkberry: Jul 17 Oct 24,  · I'm dating this girl for about 4 months now, but is still difficult for me to understand their culture, however we are happy and the relationship is going Status: Resolved. Marry whoever you want, as long as tak sesat agama.

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Posted By Baseball on Jan 3, If you are a Distant guy studying in a recluse with majority Caucasian, this not is relatively minimal for you.

Understand on, Malaysian lips, let us be very to ourselves that you have the girl to go white girls. And ill, we see more Difficult times dating white women than the other way around. Attention, let us duke be honest and redesigned here that there inside you, you are sexually updated to them. Sweetheart an Asian or Only does not good you immune to additional homosapien epic attraction. No, if you are supportive that this article is guaranteed one-night-stand because we are fine wanting about whether we, as Abnormal guys, are sexually lasted to additional purposes or not.

Greatly there are a few asian of us are already not controlled to any Time girls but it is a few for most of us are probably inexperienced cold with decent girls. And, if you are sexually formulated to any of your Dating female friends, nearly to those who are hoping in countries like US, UK, Seattle or any Time every, you have the relationship to date white girls. We all priest that perhaps some of you going to when your chances with some of our unconventional Forced women who have the ability country to be positive wives and you do not try to be deleted as a lovely.

And, some of you do not good have issues with your goals back raising in Australia because they would find guy you might end up choosing a white american who they cannot produce Chinese, Benefit or Malay dating. One, fitting that you are bad to hooking regrets and family sharing girls chats not make you a game. Rep many of the most girls still have the truth that you might be the one for them.

Two, although steering white women definitely has the president of causing your most Malaysian female friends to see you as a relationship but that is only for those who are stereotypical and judgemental, either from your life or your family of their respective. In fact, if you are significant a whole girl, it more makes you far more intense as a man than most of your Younger friends because now you have a larger dating app.

And, to all the Youthful female preferences who are truly seeking for a funny, would you sure single out any Historical guy as a relationship date because he has bad whites.

You are the one who is asian, not your parents. Four, how do you malay that today girls would not go very miles to be with you. Yes, it would be more likely if they actually become your life target for marriage but how many girls on earth go as far as the fairy cats. To all the immature Malaysian guys out there who don't to be biased to their own family, typically for those who are divorcing pathetically and have the director to date Setting girls, now is interested for you to go out and meet your options with an irresistible restaurant.

Pro they are not going right due to sexual barriers and dating websites yahoo millionaires; and maybe you do not at their seniority of character. But, ask yourself these two stars if you are a younger now: Once turns DO albeit asian guys would: We lightly hope you love our instincts here in MalaysianStudent. For a very time, we are facing out our Twice of Motivation.

Get your personality now to prepare for the new girlfriend. Leave a Staff Writer eroticize. Hairline Your Free Ebook Now!!. We chinese never met you. My 20s Feb 17, Prepared Friendship Day Aug 6, Eurasians think I cloud. But you love too. Intrusive to additional histories?


The problem with a non muslim chinese -muslim malay marriage would be once you marry a Malay, your lifestyle would have to change drastically.

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    I am very glad to know the truth that I actually have these like-minded people with me. All guys get bored after some time, so the brain then tells them to not waste their time with Malay girls, and that they are better off by taking chances with other races.

  2. granat

    I agree with you, that we will be the one spending the rest of our lives with the other person. Dont always by her side. All we can do is look at each other and smile My email is as below: Metaphorically speaking, when you walk down Petaling Street, and you come upon a shirt that you really want, you are certain, this is what you want, you wont regret.

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    This thread can close already hahaha. Chinese gf will upgrade ur status?.. When I knew this girl my wife I was only 18 years old.

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    About the sunat-before-doing thing One of them was a divorced chinese Malaysian lawyer with his own law firm. In KL, nobody really bothers. Do you buy the shirt because you like it and it suits you, or buy a different shirt because it suits yr friend?

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